Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 20th 2106

So, as promised, we had errands to run that necessitated leaving the house. For the record it's not me that resists moving beyond the front door but the children. They love staying at home. Odd. One time James had to practically prise them off their seats in order to go toLuna Park - true story.

We visited our usual haunts on King St, including me grabbing a coffee at Shenkin because I really enjoy their coffee. Harriet had embroidered a Totoro figure on a t-shirt yesterday and I meant to take a photo but it unfortunately slipped my mind while we were out and about - this is about as good as it gets, with a glimpse of kawaii Japanese animation between triangled arms. But I think you can still see the awesomeness in there.

Of course no-one is surprised to hear that we stopped in at BRTD (this time to purchase a birthday present) but what was exciting was when one of our favourite people, Amelia, showed us her new tattoo. Oh yes my friends, that there is Harriet the Spy. Harriet the Spy! I hope you now understand why she is so beloved. At any rate these two also shared their love of nerd glasses and the fact that we were on our way to purchase said glasses for Harriet meant she was jumping around in anticipation (to be fair it was well-reserved and patient anticipation).

When we first arrived there was a slight issue - it seemed I had received an SMS alert that was only applicable for Ted's glasses. Harriet's were nowhere to be seen. Cue crushed emotions, controlled sobbing at the bitter disappointment and general anger. Teddy, oblivious, happily received his glasses.

Then...oh joy! The accidental uncovering of Harriet's name in the 'arrived' section meant there was scurrying in boxes until - ta da! The triumphant uncovering of Harriet's deeply loved nerd glasses. Both of them have the lightest prescription required and then it's only for reading. Which meant that Harriet walked around with a book under her arm in case a sudden need arose for reading (Freedom Ride by Sue Lawson for those keeping tabs at home).

After a few other errands we were due home to chat to the woman who will sell our house and go over a few ideas with her. And on that vein we attended a (disappointing) open home when James came home.

Ted has, for some unfathomable reason, disavowed himself of the Percy Jackson series until after his birthday party. Don't ask me. This is where he sat for the entire time we were wandering around the open house. Harriet had had the 'game' of real estate viewing explained to her on the ride over and played along beautifully - speculating on the benefits of certain features, tut-tutting over visibly broken drawers and contemplating possibilities in the backyard. She's so grown up! I love her!

But it was so hot today that when we came home from a dinner out, I just let the two of them lounge around waiting for the cool change to plough on in. Harriet spent most of her time lying on the lounge reading and watching videos from old blog posts which was cute (and a telling reminder of why this is such an important space for our family).


We both particularly liked this one:

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