Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19th 2016

I forgot to mention another event of note around these parts yesterday - Cletus made an appearance. Ted finally lost the little baby tooth sitting next to his front two teeth. I remember when Harriet lost the equivalent tooth and I couldn't help but exclaim over the instantaneous hillbilly effect such a tooth loss caused. In true Ted fashion he resisted any requests for me to photograph it, but I managed to snap one that captures little more than the idea of it for posterity's sake alone.

When I mentioned I was up to the PAD Challenge again you probably thought A chance to read about the thrilling adventures of a family in the inner west or even An insight into the concerns and considerations surrounding a family's holiday experiences.

Instead you have this. The empty nothingness of genuine holiday down time. As boring as it may be to read about, I can't help but point out just how lovely it is to live in. I hope you can feel a 'but' coming on, because here it is - but for the ongoing battles with Ted about doing everyday activities. Harriet gives me hope and is a shining beacon at the end of the dark tunnel that is Ted's obstinate refusal to engage in family-required domestic activities. Even something as simple as picking up the Lego in the playroom (for reasons of safety - it is all over the room and we are all walking across it every day). We are not unreasonable people. If there is a game in progress at bedtime then by all means just push it off to the side. I am happy to listen to your explanations of why it should be left out. But...BUT. There is a limit. And working with this little boy is made incredibly difficult when he refuses to engage in discussion, mutual consideration and the like. But there is no entitled white male bollocks going on here, in this household. Oh no, sirree.

Tomorrow we have a day of errands. We will need to leave the house. Stay tuned for photos that include sunshine.

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