Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 18th 2016

Ok - whoops! I just completely forgot to write a blog post! Sorry abut that. No reason for it, it just completely slipped my mind.

Perhaps it was because the day was dipped into the tepid tedium that is a stay-at-home-holiday-day. No plans, no needs, no drama.  We stayed at home. Ted literally walked in to the dining room as James was walking out the back door - a seamless line of male members of the house. We played Castle Panic while he was still rubbing his eyes. There is no down time here.

Another activity for the day was when Ted drew a starship and asked me to do the same. It's fair to say that I have a great deal of anxiety surrounding even the most innocuous of artistic requests, so it took me a while to get started. Ted tells a story while he's drawing his works which gives them such life. Of course drawing with a flashing, colour-changing pen and wearing Star Wars red& blue 3D glasses makes most things come more alive (or so I'm told).

Ted has such fabulous free-flowing lines and absolutely no hesitation or self-censoring in his drawing. So fun to watch. I thought it might be fun to take a little video of him doing it but of course when I decided to film him he fell quiet, but there is still a glimpse of the rampant babble that usually accompanies his work there.

Harriet and Teddy spent the day essentially playing together while I read the (bitterly disappointing) The Other Side of the World. Ted went on a sniffing mission to the wardrobe in our bedroom to see if we have sneakily purchased any early birthday presents for him. And whilst there he found my wedding dress. He loves my wedding dress and so it was that he and Harriet played kings and queens for quite a while as a result.


As we do of a Monday, we had our Mexican experience. And I was met with the insane generosity of my friend Amelia, who had read my Facebook status the night before that read "I need a cake delivery service" and then...voila! A cake! She made me a cake! It was too insanely wonderful (and delicious).

In fact it was a wonderful Monday evening - our mountain folk came along, we ate, we drank, we stayed until 9pm, we received a parking ticket. But did I mention the 9pm? Because although it cost us, it was still lovely to sit there in the warmth of the day, late light around us, chatting until then with no concern or consideration for the time the children need to be at home for an appropriate rise for school the next day.

Because on the 19th we had a hot day of nothing planned.

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