Sunday, January 17, 2016

January 17th 2016

This morning's cinematic experience was brought to you by Mister Dave, Skye and Quentin Tarantino. We managed to spend half a day in a cinema watching sumptuous 70mm because Dave and Skye generously donated their time to ensure the contraceptive effect of babysitting was going to last as long as they needed it.

Meanwhile James and I squeezed our way along the restrictive aisles of Event Cinemas' 70mm cinema and proceeded to immerse ourselves in the Tarantino experience. Squished as we were between two rather unexpectedly suburban older women (never judge a movie by its audience members), we had a great time. Luckily I took in my socks to wear with my sandals. Three hours of cinema airconditioning plus the subject matter and I was popsiclised (new verb) by lunchtime.

Teddy held on as valiantly as he could. but as soon as he saw us it was a collapse into the screaming, writhing mass of hunger and exhaustion that bookends most experiences with people other than the immediate family. He does love to get worked up with excitement.  He had been to see TFA at IMAX with Mister Dave and was kaput. Harriet had been meandering around the city having a hands-on and hands-off artistic/lost experience with Skye.

We proceeded to take them on the Swedish cuisine experience of a lifetime in downtown Tempe, followed by some soft textile decision making to supplement the outdoor furniture decisions of yesterday.  Hobbes gave it all the seal of approval.

Then, while James and I were reading in the front room, the children were busy at work in the backyard creating another of their amusement parks. Harriet and I ended up somewhat worse for wear after I decided that the 'water play' area functioned much better as a 'water attack' area. We were sodden within three minutes. 

There were also sports areas (I gave the skipping a go), a board games area (we didn't see Ted and James for quite a while), a hopscotch area (I introduced the children to the concept of the stone throw), a reading palace and a cushion area. I'm not sure why the cushion and reading areas weren't combined to start with, but I offered a suggestion along those lines which was met quite cordially. Soon enough Harriet and I were lounging around amongst the pillows. Hard life, this Sunday business.

After a bbq dinner it was time to discuss time travel, have meltdowns about tidying up Lego ("I can't do it because I keep getting SIDETRACKED by the Lego itself!" - a quote from guess who) and then fall into bed.

Fingers crossed for a sleep in tomorrow morning.

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