Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 21st 2016

Welcome to the Starship Enterprise. Or, just Ted using a slap band in a range of unexpected ways. The funniest was when he slapped it across his belly and it stayed there.

Today was hot. Human-body-turned-melting-wax hot. We had friends come over and we put with the heat at home for a couple of hours until we threw up our hands and gave in to the icy domain of our local friendly Swedish superstore.

 Surprisingly not every parent in the inner west had decided upon the same thing, so it was only a relatively short wait for the boys to go into the play area. Meanwhile they kept themselves entertained with an interpretation of dodgem cars that involved small stools, a smooth surface and a lot of volume.

These two are besties and spent their time essentially acting like maniacs, and not the good kind. At one point Teddy got lost, found me and was sobbing, red-eyed and exhausted, but still obstinately refusing to calm down.

Tomorrow, there will be a calm discussion.

We stayed there for four hours. Four delicious, refrigerated hours. When we returned home the paddling pool we had set up in the morning was full of hot water. This new pool has a thrilling new depth to it that the old paddling pool did not, and this is how they spent the time until dinner was ready.

The heat didn't break until after the rain began and we flung open doors and windows, swung fans around to capture the breeze and  stood outside in the delicious rain attempting to catch drops.

The children fell into bed exhausted. Tomorrow they are up at 6.30. Wish us luck!

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