Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 22, 23 and 24 2016

On Friday I had the orientation day at my new workplace. I decided to err on the side of discretion (I know, who would have expected that?) by not taking along my ginormous camera. Consequently I don't have any 'proper' photos from that day. It's a lucky thing - it was so humid that I literally couldn't put any makeup on because it was genuinely sliding off my face. Great look, huh? I had to wait until we were in the car and apply the air conditioning before such social niceties could be considered.

This is the only photo from Friday, taken through the window as our large car navigated the truly deep waters of Marrickville. But it does confirm the high humidity of the day. If you look closely in the reflection of the window you can see that I was looking over my new timetable for Term 1, 2016.

The next day was a surprise to all - Book Club was meeting in the daytime. Not even that, we were meeting before lunch. It may very well have been the first time we met where there hadn't been a bottle of wine opened nearby. These events need to be documented and archived. We were off to enjoy the 'luxury cinema experience' ironically to watch a movie about how greed will be the downfall of humanity so...yeah. Way to make an uncomfortable metaphor out of our outing, Mr Pitt. Also - start buying shares in water.

Book Club, and then the family, met up in Sappho and I saw just how tired Ted was. But he wasn't tired; not when he fell asleep in the car on the way there, when he knocked over his chai or when he cried about leaving or when he became upset about potentially not going in to the bookstore next door. Just in case you were wondering.  I was supposed to organise a new phone but due to a lack of service in the Telstra shop and the Tedster's emotional fragility, it was a hightail it out of there kind of excursion. Situation: Critical.

But after a little down time at home, we found that Ted was ready to rumble after all. Once he found the Opal cards for himself and Harriet, there was immediate discussion about how to use them as soon as possible. And that didn't mean on Monday. Oh no, that meant within the next hour. So I suggested we go to the local German club and James suggested we take a detour to Sydenham on the train to get there and suddenly everyone was happy and off we skipped to the train station.

Of course, using the cards for the first time was thrilling.

And when one is young and immersed in a thrilling situation, the only response is dance:

The Time Warp's got nothing on doing the Opal Dance.

And the fun didn't stop there. We traveled to Sydenham and then...well we traveled right back. It was GETTING OUT OF HAND. We had to wait for the return train for twenty minutes on the platform and Ted was writhing around all over the place, stepping backwards out on to the path of incoming trains and the like, so in order to maintain life we attempted to engage him in a game of Twenty Questions. It worked. Just.


It was a late night at the German club and Ted found a couple of young ones to run around with at first but soon enough the children had deserted the grounds and he was left on his own. It looked as though he decided to spin for much of this time. He stopped briefly to eat, then play a mythology game with Harriet (also involving much running around) and then, as we were one of the last groups to leave, we decided what was in order was a family game of Bullrush. Actually it was more Ted's idea. Actually it was entirely Ted's idea and involved persuasive techniques of an impressive quality to drag the remaining three of us out on to the lawn and sprint across the fields. 

Don't even tell me you think this assured us of sleep-in from Ted.


This morning Ted had a laser tag birthday party to attend. So he and I went off to see how much energy a human is physically capable of burning off in a 12hr period, while I had a delightful discussion with another school mum.

I had again forgotten to bring along the big camera, so I snapped this innocuous shot as we walked down to meet the other half of the family. I showed Ted how to tie laces once. Once. And now he's fine (and prefers to do double bows for safety). Some things we really do need to give him credit for. Have I mentioned that he drives me crazy and that I really LOVE THE HELL out of him?

We completed a few errands on King St, including me picking up a new phone (the store person seemed a little perplexed at my absolute negligible level of interest in phone choice - in fact I was going to downgrade to a dumbphone until I realised that a few activities we have planned in 2016 might do well to have me accessible by email on the move).

And then it was home - with sumo wrestling, lightsaber fighting, hedge clipping, and a late night from Harriet who has drawn some adorable interpretations of popular characters. I'll ask her in the morning if I can upload some images here for you to see.

Up to date! Huzzah!

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