Monday, March 24, 2014

Faces While Dying

 Yesterday, while Harriet and I were trying out new poses to balance each other's body weight against the other's (what?  You don't do the same on a Sunday afternoon?), she spontaneously announced we should embark on a photographic shoot together.  She labelled it "Faces While Dying".  These are apparently the faces one might expect to experience when dying.  And as much as I am loathe to do what seems to have become a blog standard and post a whole pile of photos without text, in this instance I think it's warranted, since that was what Harriet intended.

The first is my favourite.  Look at them nice and big.

Edited to add:  For some unfathomable reason Blogger is applying a sepia to the bottom two.  I can't seem to work out why and I would hope you would know that sepia is not part of my standard MO.  Will work on the why and rectification of this horror as soon as I can.

Edited again to add:  Well it turns out that uni has impacted on the blog! The reason for the sepia effect (mmmm....) was the Google account I had to create for a group assignment had a photo enhancing mechanism turned to 'on'.  The internet is scary.

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Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous! It's totally "comment" worthy...that I comment ;-) The 3rd one wont open up big, but my favourite is the last one- Tell Haz she looks like "The child that fell from the sky" and I'd like her to write me a short story about her!!! I am totally intrigued!!! What a lovely way to spend my rain drenched afternoon, catching up on the I sit in drenched jeans squirming in my chair.... ;-) xx Lis