Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Star Wars...Again.

*sigh*  Well at least he's being creative with it.  This is the stop motion animation Ted made tonight.  He needed a guiding hand from James just to make sure he remembered to keep the camera in one place, but other than that it's all Ted.  The jumping around and sudden reanimation of Greedo is due to Ted's waning interest in sticking to his original plot points.  After all, today was the first day he's been home before 6pm in a while.  The poor child is exhausted.

We are all adjusting to the brave new world of me doing full time study.  It involves a lot of waiting around for buses, we've found.  Most afternoons we are waiting for about 40 minutes for the bus.  Nope, that's not an exaggeration or an exception.  The $12 all-day student parking near the children's school is looking mighty appealing.

 The other activity we have found joy in has been our weekly catch up with two other families for the evening meal of a Monday.  With six rambunctious children and five talkative adults (well, perhaps the double Js aren't quite so much in that camp), it's never dull or quiet.  In fact it's all sorts of pleasant and social.  I'll be quite sad when the weather forces us to change our routine.

The thing I love about this shot is that Ted asked me to take a photo of him with his friend.  They were walking over to the wall, preparing to stand their with their arms around each other.  Sweet.  Then A's big sister comes over and enthusiastically 'styles' them.  She managed to actually pose them like this and then they stayed in position for me to take the photo.  She was awesome!  I love this shot.

Meanwhile James has been away for three days for his MBA residential.  I have about four assignments due in as many days.  The children are exhausted from the ineffciencies of the public transport system.  But it's actually all working out.  It's none too shabby.  Ted has a toe that's about to be horribly infected, but other than that we are all eating well, (mostly) getting along - the exception being Harriet snapping at Ted but that's due to tiredness - and I'm even getting to run regularly.

Plus I should probably mention that I am loving my course.  OH MY GOD.  I love it.  LOVE. it.

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