Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Well we finally did it - Harriet finally found her little ginger tabby friend that she's been searching for.  We were wandering through Marrickville markets and there he was.  As is his wont - lying back, resting, chilled out, but with enough of a sparkle in his eye for us all to sit up and take notice.

He was due to have his vet visit the following Wednesday, so we went back the following weekend to pick him up, fill in the Maggies Rescue paperwork and officially become his new family.  He is a perfect fit.  He is confident, affectionate, energetic, adorable and even gets along well with Squeezmo.

See?  Here's the proof!  Squeezmo and Hobbes have now even become friends.  The other morning Hobbes jumped on my head while I slept and miaowed frantically at me.  I woke up in a blur and realised what was going on.  I sat up and found out what all the fuss was about - Squeezie Boy wanted to go out the front door and Hobbes was waking me up to make it happen for him.  Adorable!  But also - let the damn mother sleep, cats!

And it's all very full on over here in the house of new cats.  The end of term sees everything due in and what has been dubbed the 'week of horror' starts next week, where everything is due for every subject. So if next time you see me I've become two inches shorter and am wearing inside out clothing, remember - it's not forever.  Well, there's at least five days between the end of assignments and the start of prac where you might find me looking less than exhausted - that's about all I can commit to. (But still loving it,  people).

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gray tham said...

Love you new cat guys! I used to have one just the same when I was a kid! Enjoy all the kitty cuddles!