Friday, April 06, 2012

...Up to the Highest Height...

We were going to lay low today. Not do too much and then head out later in the afternoon for a photo shoot and dinner on the grass somewhere. Then the photo shoot was cancelled and we found ourselves gloriously unattached to any ideas for the day at all. After a little spruce up in the backyard and the writing of a list about a metre long of little jobs to do (none of them for today mind you), I called up Lou and as synchronicity would have it, she was about three minutes away from calling me.

Apparently in Bermuda (where Will, Lou's husband, is from) there's a tradition of flying kites on Good Friday, stemming from the history of a missionary flying a kite (the two sticks together to represent the cross) in an attempt to connect with the locals. I love a bit of history mixed with tradition mixed with religious indifference, and so it was we found ourselves flying kites on a Sydney beach today.

The sun was bright, the children were enthusiastic and the water was warm - which was lucky, because Ted has a predilection for wading and splashing, no matter what the temperature of the water may be.

The kites stayed flying for the whole time we were there - at one stage Will was flying three kites with his hands and one with his foot. You read correctly - his foot! This antic was more than a little amusing to observe, mainly because it looked as though he was simultaneously being electrocuted and involved in a Peter Garrett impersonation competition.

Ted loved taking off down the beach for some adventures of his own. I just adore the way this child commands his own space. He strides around so confidently, makes friends with strangers at the drop of a hat and is stubborn. SO STUBBORN! EXHAUSTINGLY (is that even a word?) STUBBORN! He had a big adventure with Papa "digging crabs out of their homes and seeing them in their homes".

Harriet was feeling so much better this afternoon and despite being a little fragile, was in reasonable spirits for most of the day. I only had to prise open two passionfruit with my bare fingers in order to keep her sated, which was a welcome relief from the usual mountain of food she requires to stay functional.

When we arrived back home it was Operation Keep Ted Awake. Since the change in daylight savings he has been waking up at the crack of dawn, meaning he wants to go to bed way too early. So we all played his latest favourite game - footket. Think cricket with a football. In fact don't think around it, just think of exactly that and you have his game. There's also another game called cous cous which I haven't quite grasped the rules of yet, but that one involves a smaller, bouncier ball and...err...I'm not too sure. Perhaps James can come in to enlighten us on that one since I've yet to be asked to play. (Hello, me here. The game "cous cous" is very simple - you get the soft cricket ball and bowl it to each other, properly. Ted seems to be getting the hang of that skill, despite the fact that his favourite player is Ed Cowan who is not in any way a bowler)

And when it's late in the afternoon and your Papa is off making an Indian feast for dinner, what do you do? Why, you crank up The Breeders and give it a good bop around in the playroom, don't you? Well that's what we did and it felt fine.

Press play and feel the memories of the early nineties come flooding back!

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