Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Exhaustion

It has been a really hard, uphill battle this long weekend.  SO much screaming (from me), tantrums (from me), throwing food (from me) and meltdowns (from me).  Harriet has just been at Ted's throat for the last three months, almost constantly.  Dealing with it in a patient, calm manner has yielded no results.  None.  If I hear her say "Baby" in a singsong derogatory manner towards Ted one more time I honestly may have my brain explode. 

But then just when all hope is lost, there's a lovely evening to bookend this madness.  Tomorrow looks like it will need to be a quiet day just to get over the emotional intensity of today, but perhaps...perhaps we might have a chance to move forward this week.  I wouldn't want to have mangled good cheese for nothing after all.

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