Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Thank You

Wow.  Thank you so much to everyone for your words of support.  It has been totally overwhelming and please accept my apologies for not being able to respond.  I received my phone this afternoon, finally fixed, so its completely sporadic nature of working is hopefully behind us.
Today we met with the paediatric resident as a follow-up to Harriet's discharge yesterday.  She had already met Harriet and was really lovely, so that made it a bit easier - especially since Harriet had been crying and yelling all the way there that she resolutely did NOT want to go back to the hospital.  She rang the MRI people and put our names down for the scan in the future.  Turns out that because she needs to have a GA, she has limited options for when the scan can be performed.  This may take anything up to (or even more than) two months. 

So?  So now we play the waiting game.  The resident didn't seem to think they would find anything and were performing the scan merely for completeness.  The paediatrician, however, seemed to think that since the likelihood of purely febrile seizures should be mostly behind her at her age, the likelihood of the seizure being caused by a brain lesion is more likely.  We obviously are just going to sit tight, be unable to focus on anything for a few months and wait.

And let it also be known Harriet is far from a gracious sick person. 


JennieMo said...

Glad that you are home! Give Harriet a hug from me. Hopefully it is nothing too serious...and very glad it wasn't meningitis! Hugs!

discoknitter said...

Hope you get some answers soon. Waiting sucks. Hugs.

OMG - the comment verification word was tedart!

Sarah b said...

I am utterly shocked, and so very sorry to suddenly read about this stress you are all under. I can't quite believe it so I can't imagine how you must be feeling. Am not even sure what to say except to let you know that i am Going to send all the positive energy I can all night. With much love, Sarah Black

jay said...

so many kisses (like a ridiculous amount) everywhere on harriet, oh sweet darling thing. and now to wait, hopefully it slowly becomes something that does not consume your thoughts everyday. so glad you are out of hospital. love to all and hope you are getting some rest and nourishing down time. will come and visit soon. lots of love

narelle said...

oh my gosh, what an ordeal and now the wait. hugs to harriet, and to you. i know you'll be all very good at keeping yourselves busy, and I hope harriet is back to her sweet, intense self soon enough. thinking of you, and will keep stopping by for more news.