Monday, April 02, 2012

Not Quite the Weekend We Were Planning On

Well it has been a little crazy here, and that's on top of everything else going on.Yesterday Harriet spent all day in a feverish, lethargic state on the lounge.  She had two small seizures, and then a third one which went for around five minutes, and involved quite a lot of eye rolling, speaking in mumbo jumbo, tonic clonic states and general freaking-out-the-parents state.  I managed to film the last two minutes of the last, more intense seizure which ended up being quite helpful.

You know you've made the correct decision to go to the Emergency Department when you walk in and they direct you to a bed straight away.  Harriet was still feverish and not at all in her normal state.  We were there for a few hours, and she ended up being admitted as an inpatient in order to have an EEG the next day.
Today Harriet had her EEG and while I was out organising lunch and making sure the incredibly overtired and stressed Ted grabbed a bit of much needed sleep in the stroller, James and Harriet met with the paediatrician.  He assessed her, and then watched the video I took.  Apparently upon seeing that he changed his tune a little, was quite concerned and discussed Harriet having an MRI under GA.  The video showed that she had had a complex partial seizure and that these are often associated with a brain lesion (eg: scar tissue, tumour, benign growth, etc.).

I'm sure you can imagine how we all are at the moment.  On top of all of that my phone hasn't been working and communication while we were in the hospital trying to coordinate to and fro movements was a challenge.  I'm about to have a shower and I hope to update in here soon with some happy news.  In the meantime, please make sure you're sending all your positive thoughts in our direction.


Lou said...

Sending sooooooo many positive thoughts your way. Xx

jay said...

oh my goodness, so many positive, loving and good wishes your way. hope you hear good news soon.
much love jay, scott, poe and ilo xxxx we are thinking of you all

jay said...

p.s. those photos are heartbreaking. i cannot imagine what you guys are going through

Freyja said...

Oh Casso, I hope she'll be alright. Liam read about it on flickr and told me. I'm thinking of you all.
Dear girl...

sambient said...

Poor Harriet! I hope you guys get some good news. Thinking of you.

ingrid said...

Oh Cass, my thoughts are with you and your sweet family. I hope you get some good news soon. Thinking of you.