Tuesday, March 27, 2012



I'm around.  Unfortunately the around I am is crazy busy around.  I'm emerging from a rather intense two week period that involved everything from bedbound sickness for both James and I (at different times with different illnesses) to photography workshops and midnight playing.

Thought I'd just quickly put it out there thatI'm still alive though.  This photo was taken last Monday.  We instituted a new tradition - each Monday we have a special dinner.  We put on candles and at the start of dinner we take turns in saying something that we love or have appreciated about someone else in the family in the past week.  There's no obligation to say something about everyone (which would make it insincere) or even to say anything at all (which would be forced participation which we eschew).  But each Monday night when I announce "Hey, it's Monday night dinner!"  the children give a whoop of excitement, rush to help me set the table, there's a hushed reverence at the start of the dinner (fleeting as it is, I relish it each time) and Harriet usually asks to say something first.

To give it an even more special air than the candles offer, we even have a small plate of cut up fruit after the main meal.  But to be perfectly honest, the candles are the main attraction at this family event. 

Will be back to post properly but with few photos.  I have been too busy to even take photos! 

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Mr Shell said...

What a lovely tradition and a nice way to welcome a new week! My aunt always cooked a special baked dinner for her family on a Monday. Aunty Bev is no longer with us, but her kids have carried on the tradition.