Saturday, January 07, 2012

7th of January

Well it all had to go downhill at some point.  Although I did get to sleep in until 10am again (what the hell?!), we had to be at a dogs and cats birthday party at 1pm. I had no costumes, present or food organised.

Fast forward to 12.45 and there we were - two cat costumes, a salad, presents, showered and fed in three hours!  Yes thank you, I'll take my bow now.  Of course before I had children, if someone had ever told me it would take me three hours to do that I would have scoffed.  I could get that done in half the time!  But as we all know, the added ingredient of children means the added ingredient of chaos.
But today it fell apart at the seams.  Actually it was all ok for the first half of the party, (note play cat fighting with these two hamming it up for me) but by the end the bike park was too much for the overtired and emotional Harriet, who found it impossible to contain her anger.


"I don't WANT to go to my FUCKING home!" she yelled.  Over. And over again.  I gently explained to her that while she was at the party it was worthwhile getting on with the business she wanted to attend to, because it was hardly fun sitting there crying, overheated (she insisted on wearing leggings and a long sleeved top in 30 degree heat, at a cycle park) and overtired.
But it was all to no avail.  We dragged her home, where she spent an hour or so just chilling out on her own.  We've encouraged her to find this alone time when she's feeling overwhelmed, and it has really assisted with her ability to recuperate and find her emotional centre.
Actually after she ate dinner she was a lot happier and even put on a show for us in the playroom.  But she still needs sleep...

...Oh did I mention she's *still* awake at 9.30pm?  *sigh*

One bonus of the day was that Ted was finally no longer scared of his balance bike and actually gave it a go.  We moved the seat up for him and he actually rode it around for a while and even scooted off on it once.  That smudged up facepaint was just too cute for words.

Let's hope tomorrow delivers a Harriet that has been filled with sleep and a little more happiness.


jay said...

wow that is impressive. yikes

JennieMo said... are a way better person that me. It takes me two hours to get me and Rhett packed up for work most!!
Love the play cat fight! Hysterical! Sorry for th elack of sleep...but there is hope. Once they turn 13 you will never be able to get them outta bed let alone miss out on a sleep in. LOL!! is the new kitten?