Friday, January 06, 2012

6th of January

Today was very relaxed.  As all days should be when they don't start until 9.47am.  Yes, last night I FINALLY got the sleep I've been coveting for so long.  In fact I didn't even get called out of my bed by Ted until 6.05am.  A whole night's sleep in my own bed, woot!

So we all lounged around in the bedroom together, reading books for a good hour, all three of us a tangle of arms and bodies and talking and laughing and quilts too (thank you cool change).  The children played happily at being babies while Harriet fed Ted mashed banana with a spoon and I snatched five minutes to read the paper.

Then the great car trek of lostness.  We were heading off to my mother's group and I'd been to this house before but thought I'd try to be a bit clever and go a new way.  NO!  Isn't it funny how in this day and age the concept of being lost is so alien?  I couldn't believe how well Harriet dealt with it actually - we were all laughing and being silly with another wrong turn.  Just a few months ago the Harriet of old would have been screaming and hysterical with cries of "WHAT?!  You don't know where we ARE?!".

I love six.

We hung out all afternoon with friends, the pumpkin pie was a hit, we drove home (in one straight ride, no lost turns) and I pulled back the sunroof just around the corner from our house.  The children were so excited and asked to stand through it when I parked.  Of course!  How fun is that?

James came home to Ted standing in the car with his head poking through the roof.  He then had the same lolling around on the bed experience I'd had with them at 10 in the morning.  So sweet to hear them all giggling and rolling around in there.

An evening's spell of backyard cricket was graciously played with Ed Cowan (aka Teddy) and Zaheer Kahn (aka Harriet).  Ted loves Ed Cowan because his name is Edward of course, and Harriet loves Zaheer Kahn because he's the only Muslim on the team.  Go figure.

Now it's an early night tonight, so you're spred long-winded discussion and over-description.  And yes, this is Harriet lying on the lawn watching the cricket.  It's a pink blanket that Nanna Lee gave her when she was not even one and it is still her favourite blanket to snuggle up into.  


jay said...

thought i would visit over here. oh my goodness that pumpkin pie, i am so jealous. seriously it shouldn't even be called pumpkin pie as it is so awesomely awesome, it should just be called that, yes "The awesomely awesome PIE". can you tell i am home alone (ish). xxxx loving the post a day.

JennieMo said...

Pumpkin pie rocks! It cures are blues...and it is not just for Thanksgiving sorta thing. It is amazing how many people have never had it. LOL!!