Thursday, January 05, 2012

5th of January

After our four hour marathon in the pool yesterday, the theory was today that we'd have a quiet day at home. Well that was the idea.  Dropped James off for his annual Day in the Life of an SCG Member at a Test.  I went to see a friend on the way back, and afterwards we stopped in at a cafe. 

We finally left after waiting around for Ted to finish playing (sometimes those cafe playroom areas are a nuisance rather than a benefit!.
The cafe was slightly farcical - I went up to the register to ask if we could get the gingerbread men I asked for.  Then again to ask for water.  Then again to pay.  I may sound weird, but I dislike cafes where they insist on doing everything for you.  Just put the damn water in a fridge so I can grab it when my hysterically tired two year old is screaming for water RIGHT NOW and that way we all win.  Instead I have to wait for the waitstaff to finish whichever order they were otherwise busy with, wipe a table, get called over by another diner and finally arrive at our table to a slightly dessicated Ted.  I can get it myself.  Argh.
It took an eon for Ted to even get into the car.  And then into the carseat.  Just one of those little things that was slightly frustrating when I was also very tired, but it didn't deter from our overall happy (yet subdued) spirits.
When we made it home, after me being 'ATQ' all the way home (our car 'speaks' to Harriet and Ted about what it's like to be a car - tell me again why I start these things?), it was finally down time.
 Ted slept.  Harriet read. As you can see.

Ted takes almost forever to wake after a day sleep.  I delay waking him because I can't handle the interminable process of moving from sleep to awake.

This time was no different, but we did have to move it and pick up James from the cricket ("Where Ed Cowan is, Mama?" asked Ted).

Here they're hesitating over picking the four big, yummy cucumbers we had growing in our little vegie patch..  I didn't realise just how prickly cucumbers are!

On the way home we picked up our organic fruit and veg box from Bella and Ted and Harriet ate about four plums each on the way home.  Then we arrived home and they could access the box itself and they each engaged with the fruit in their own particular way - Ted studiously sitting down to rip out the pip before popping it in his mouth.


Harriet prefers the in-mouth method for plum pip removal.  

Again - as you can see.

Then the delicious part of the evening.  Normally I'm in here lamenting about our evenings I admit, but tonight was just lovely.  We all sat outside as the storm finally broke over Sydney, eating dinner in our seating area under cover as the thunder sounded and lightning cracked.  The children, although initially concerned about being outside, ended up joyfully embracing it as I do.  I love Sydney storms!

I have a funny little anecdote about storms. When we moved to Perth, they said one night there was going to be a storm.  I was so excited, I went out and bought some beers to have at home.  I dragged out some chairs to our verandah and James and I settled down to enjoy it all.

Well, Perth storms are a little different, it turns out.  In the far, far (far) distance there was a small flash of light once or twice.  And the sky turned a lovely pink.  *ahem*  That was it.  

We sheepishly brought our beers inside.

Anyway, back to tonight.  We all sat outside for quite a while, laughing and chatting - Ted climbed all over the place, Harriet talked about something or other, and we all eventually ambled inside.

And in there, the children found their second wind.  For children that never spontaneously show an interest in craft or drawing, it was quite remarkable.  They both laid down on the playroom floor and proceeded to draw quite detailed drawings.  Ted here is drawing the 'rescue rocket' which has a handle you use to get in and out, and a midwife inside who is going to assist with the rocket they're rescuing (on the piece of paper to the right).  That's the midwife waiting next to the rocket in case you were curious.

And Harriet, who normally eschews all drawings that require time and patience to complete, sat down with Ted and drew this 'rainbow spiral'.  She also drew a gorgeous boat on the water complete with clown fish, sharks, binoculars, seaweed and was 'real art' because "look, I've written my name at the bottom in the corner, you know how real artists do?". 

When we finally moved them in to bed at 10pm it was without crying or worries. Ted wanted to fall asleep by the light of this Santa light (courtesy of Lisa for Christmas) so instead of reading the chicken to egg story I had promised, instead I felt like a Theatresports contestant and made up a story that had to have "purple" and "Santa" and "a fairy" in it. 

Mission accomplished.  And tomorrow I think I'll tell the story of the fairies and a lens cap.  It will knock your socks off.

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