Wednesday, January 04, 2012

4th of January

Sydney finally began to feel a bit of heat today - could it actually be summer sniffing at our heels?

Ted and Harriet received some dive toys at Christmas, the ones you throw into the pool with a long waving arm and you dive down to retrieve them like a red setter.  Well Ted was adamant that we use them ASAP.  ASAP means NOW and often YESTERDAY in Tedspeak, so waiting for a week or so to use them was as agonising as it gets.


Today was the big day however, and after taking only four or so hours to get everything ready - all meals packed, all toys collected, all swimming costumes changed into (because the ignominy of not being able to jump straight in to the water is too much to ask anyone under 12 I think) - we were off to the local pool.

And did I mention I packed my new underwater camera?  Because I did.  I PACKED MY NEW UNDERWATER CAMERA!  (hope you heard that)  It's orange and funky and I nearly had five heart attacks as the steel body hit the water.  Every fibre of my being was screaming STOP!  NO!  But I pushed it under with grim resolution and ... it worked.  It was fun. No - it was a blast.

I didn't even take this photo. Harriet did!  SP underwater and looking fine.  I'm so impressed.

And again today with the fantastic, peaceful, lovely together play.  Even though Harriet was screaming MAMA LOOK AT THIS MAMA HOW MANY SECONDS DOES IT TAKE TO DIVE DOWN MAMA TIME HOW LONG I CAN DO THIS FOR in an ongoing mantra, all three of us were able to tune in and out of each other in an harmonious manner that meant no-one was sad or felt unheard.  

Ted was most excited at the idea of being able to do torpedoes like Harriet and with me supporting his belly, he also managed to do a very passable dog paddle.  However despite staying at the pool for four hours ($18 in parking thank you very much), with nearly all of that actually in the pool swimming, neither child felt like going to bed any earlier than normal this evening.  In fact Harriet had to be cajoled into bed at 10pm.  *yawn*   Let's see how the sibling communication works tomorrow after that, shall we?  Hmmm...

All photos were taken with the new point and shoot - cool huh?  Luckily I bought the underwater camera because there was very little of our day that could have been recorded otherwise.

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