Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Still Here - Waving, Not Drowning

So I'm still here, have lots of exciting little adventures to blog about but I've been busy with work stuff (photos, products, etc.) and haven't had a lot of time in the evenings to spare on fun things like browsing blogs, writing my own entries and faffing about as can be a person's wont.  
Harriet is having a few issues with school at the moment which we're going in to talk about tomorrow.  IKEA had a special 'locals only' opening day on the weekend just gone which we were obviously invited to and the children had a great time playing with everything.  I realised just how much I loathe shopping however - as soon as we moved away from the large windows in the food area I started getting crabby and my heart rate went through the roof.  I think neon lighting just sends my body into panic mode.
Tomorrow Harriet has her Kindy performance at assembly singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight, so I'll let you know how the cute factor skyrockets with that one.  Friday is looking totally crazy and involves about three or four different commitments before 12.  I think Ted will be sleeping on the way to school pick-up that day.

In news from me, I'm at total breastfeeding apathy right now.  I really could give or take it and while Ted still feeds like a demon in the mornings upon waking and just before he goes to sleep in the evenings, I am not particularly feeling anything during the day.  Luckily he isn't asking to feed much at all during the day because I think my apathy could turn into an active 'over it' attitude quite quickly.  I remember thinking that when Harriet was about 2.5yrs that I was ready for her to wean, and she did go through a feeding frenzy just prior to self weaning.  I'm wondering if Ted might be heading that way.  Today during music class he asked for a feed (he does most/all weeks) but I was able to distract him with food and water instead, which seems to be of increasing efficacy.

And check me out - tomorrow night I won tickets to go and see Anonymous so off I go! With a friend even!

In other completely related and totally scary news, I will have to put my camera and lens in for calibration soon.  I may be camera-free for weeks.  WEEKS!  I start to hyperventilate just thinking about it.  Can anyone spell addiction?

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Mr Shell said...

I took Till into IKEA last year, pushing her around in a trolley. Anyway, after about 10 minutes she went all pale and faint and said she felt unwell. I had to start ripping her layers off to cool her down and then she lay in the bottom of the trolley looking as though she might vomit or god knows what else. Anyway, I high tailed it outta there...and 10 or so minutes later she was COMPLETELY fine. My theory is the smell of plastics and other scary chemicals got to her, plus the lighting and the stale air. I'll NEVER put her through it again.

I hope the school issues sort themselves out Cass! Remember, Teachers don't always know best :)