Saturday, November 05, 2011

Chocolate, Hoses, Skirts and Harry

Would you trust this face?  Well no-one in this house does.  Note the glass door between me and the boy child?  Note the evil impish grin plastered all over his crazy evil little face? Why?  Wellll...check out the next photo. 

Yes, just moments before he'd decided to take his 'watering the garden' activity to the next level.  Harriet was alternately bemused, impressed by his gall, loving being wet and horrified at being wet.  Actually perhaps those emotional states weren't alternating; in fact I believe they may have been simultaneous (kinda like simultaneous interpretation which I am personally a big fan of and think is completely incredible, especially given the different sentence structures of different languages but that's another story I think).
Today was such a lovely day.  We did nothing.  Nothing at all.  But in doing nothing we managed to procure a near-new juicer from freecycle (love getting things for free!), made our own chocolate from scratch (yes you read correctly!  Those are cacao nibs in the mortar and pestle), mowed the lawn, had awesome vegie juice, played Harry Potter, rode bikes, went for a teeny tiny run, watched a car wash, sat outside in the sun on our new outdoor setting for about 90seconds in blissful uninterrupted relaxation, made train tracks of impressive stature, watched Harriet start to read two fine books (Harry Potter and Harriet the Spy), ate pineapple fried rice (with Teddy keeping a watchful eye on my rice and making sure I gave him any pieces of pineapple I found - we're a good team since I don't like it and he is totally in love with it), made iced tea, drank some red wine and cider, cleaned the house, and even more stuff than that (in no particular order).

Yesterday was the Gaia sale and I managed to buy some gorgeous stuff.  Two cute shirts for Ted, this shirt and dress for Harriet, some underwear for Ted and a little present for Harriet's teacher too.

I also made Harriet a skirt the other day.  I've been determined to make her a skirt that has twirl factor, has a waistband instead of just a bunchy elastic band at the top and looks a bit more tailored than some of the other offerings I've managed in the past.  Well I was pretty happy with this skirt.  I made the whole thing up, but I made semi-pleats.  I'm sure there's a proper name for when you just sew down a little bit of the pleat at the top, but I don't know it.  Anyway, I did two panels, it was quite full, I made a waistband that has elastic but I need to flatten it into a straight section for the front.  Harriet was so taken with it however that I wasn't able to finish it off (waistband and pocket to come).  She put it on straight away but declared I wasn't allowed to take a photo of her, so this is all I managed - just before she took off on a big big twirl.  Hooray!  The lace styled stuff that it is hemmed with was a total score from the op shop ages ago - metres of it for $1.  Woot!  She loved that part particularly.  Me?  I was happy I tried something on a whim and it worked!

In not-so-great news Ted was awake on Thursday night from 1.30am until...10am.  Yep.  No, just go back over that time frame and re-read it in case you don't quite understand the magnitude.  he was up.  All. Night.  Yes.  Then had a sleep at 10 and was up and at 'em until a reasonable hour that night too.  *yawn*  I'll be more than happy with that particular fetish is done and dusted - or at least until he can get himself up quietly and go into the playroom to have a game or put the train tracks together without needing me.  Preferably without needing me for hours and hours until the sun rises.

Also it looks as though Harriet is all set to skip Yr 1 and go straight into Yr2 next year.  She can't wait and to be honest, neither can we. 


jay said...

hey, i think i need to see more about the chocolate, what a wonderful and fun thing to do.
EEk re Teddy's total lack of sleep the other night. Oh my goodness, i can't imagine, you poor things.
So Harriet, straight to year two, as we discussed previously, but previously you alluded to troubles at school, what happened? will need to call to find out more.
Great fabric for the skirt.
Have i covered everything?
mwah. love to you.
your nothing day sounded full of beautiful bits of "nothing"

JennieMo said...

HAHA!! We need a sewing session! I am going to get a day off in December...give me a day....and we will have sew o-rama. And I will should you how to make the twirliest skirt and "darts" and "pleats". LOL!!
Love a little man that can cool down any situation. And he can have the pineapple off out of my rice or off my pizza any day. LOL!! TELL TEDDY MY MULBERRY TREE IS GOING OFF!!