Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beetroot Dip

Ok, so since the lovely Jay requested more information about the beetroot dip, I thought I'd post it. I made it up, so it will seem somewhat haphazard.

Peel three medium sized beetroots and cut it up into pretty small bits (about 1cm cubed). Peel some garlic cloves, how many depends entirely on how garlicky you want it, I used 5 cloves. Half fill a reasonable sized pot with water, chuck the beetroot and garlic in the pot. Bring to the boil, let it boil for 5 or 10 minutes. Then simmer it for ages, until the beetroot is totally cooked and soft - the garlic will disintegrate completely. If the water runs low, put some more in. Once the beetroot is soft, keep it on the heat until the water runs quite low and there's not much of it left. Take it off the heat and cool. Puree the mix with a stick blender until it's pretty smooth (some lumps are ok, if you want it like that). Get some good quality yoghurt and mix it in - the dip will turn pinkish. Basically, put as much or as little as you like. Salt and pepper to taste. Yummo.

I also made flat breads to go with this, these are very easy. If I get around to it I'll post the recipe for that too.


jay said...

how did i miss this post when i check religiously?!!! thank you so much, will make this dip post haste.
yum. so much love

Jimbo said...

Because I wrote it some time ago but forgot to post it! Blogger keeps them in order they were created, not published. And I forgot that until I saw your post ;)

jay said...

phew, i thought i was neglecting "spy the harriet", but no my obsessive visits to the site have fared me well after all.