Monday, October 24, 2011

Solo Wheelin'

Check it out people!  Oh yes, she rides!

Harriet, much to our shame, has been bugging us to get out and get cycling for ages now.  I've blogged previously about her trials, but most noticeably her issues were to do with balance alone.  For some reason her physical confidence is in no way related to what others around her are doing.  She's never been upset at other (younger) children zipping around her at the cycle park, never expressed disappointment or exasperation at her skill level; in fact she is like this for everything and I find it incredibly inspiring - she just has no interest in comparing herself to others.  Go Harriet!

Anyway, back to the bike. Well on Thursday last week she was adamant that we were to go down to Little Park and work on her cycling prowess.  It wasn't that easy to be honest, what with Ted being upset at Harriet receiving so much attention from me when he had pressing swing issues to be attended to.  But...she seemed to get it.  I let go of her a few times and she glided along for a few pedal revolutions before she realised I wasn't holding her and she slammed her feet down.

Then on Saturday we had an evening picnic with Jen and her family, at a little park with a cycleway down the road from us.  And Harriet jumped on her bike and - well, she rode!  As you can see above!  She still needs someone to start her off, but once she gets going she's happy as anything.  She even went down the hill very fast (as she's subsequently told me about three times, each delivery of the story delivered with wide eyes, rushed breath and excitement plus) and had a fantastic time.  I was so happy for her (and only ten months after receiving that bike...*ahem*...slack parent alert).

Ted wasn't at his best however.  Poor little guy has been a bit screamy-yelly lately.  What is it about the yelling cry?  Why does it grate on me so badly? Because it does, it really does.  Crying - no problem.  Yelling - well, problem I guess but manageable.  The two combined?  Makes me want to throw knives.  Ted has had a less than auspicious start with his balance bike but even with his poor state of mind and clinginess on Saturday night, even then, he still managed to coast along with his legs off the ground a few times.  Cute!

Jen saw Ted in giggle mode when she accidentally called him Harriet and he collapsed in giggles - again.  And again.  And again.  Jen, very good naturedly, fulfilled his need for repetition until it was sated.

And then at home, Ted remembered that the other day he had found sparklers at the supermarket and discussed with great length how he was going to buy them, bring them home, and James was going to light them for him and he wouldn't be scared.  So we lit them and poor little mite was a little scared, but was happy to be standing just arms length away whilst Harriet enjoyed a sparkly end to the evening. 

And I didn't mention the homemade organic beetroot dip James made.  Oh it was good.


Lou said...

Yay Harriet! Isn't cycling the BEST feeling EVER?!! SO happy for you. Xx

jay said...

go harriet, so exciting, i too am inspired by her ability to not compare herself with others, what a beautiful trait. Hmm yes, screaming and crying does little for me either and unfortunately even though it often comes from the same place as the cry, it doesn't get the same reaction, it is so grating and a definite challenge as a parent. if only they knew that crying alone would suffice. Cass, i need to know more details about that beetroot dip, I love a great beetroot dip. love to your beautiful family, we miss you. xxxx