Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Snapshots from a Big Weekend and a Big Week Too

We had a great weekend just gone - one full of exciting discoveries in our little neck of the woods, rekindling our love for the area. Who knew we could jump on a trampoline, drink beer on a lawn bowls green and listen to an alphorn all within ten minutes walk from our house?

Will blog soon, promise! In the meantime, can you believe that I made this for Harriet in about half an hour? Oh yes, fairy parties require a bit of preparation and this mama is on to it. I even finally washed the yellow woollen blanket that made the yellow brick road from last year's party just today. *ahem* All good here.

Ted's latest love affair (apart from pants-free 'shows') is Steel Park. I love it because I get a chance to actually walk somewhere, and he loves it because he is right into listening to these tubular listening/talking toys which they have there. Plus there's a flying fox! But he prefers the listening toy. My children really are a bit different to the pack, aren't they?

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Zoe said...

We walked there on Monday...let's walk there together one day soon...yes, let's!