Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

We've been crazy busy, and in the last few days countdown to Harriet's birthday and party, it's not getting anything but totally insane around here! In other news we had yet another packed weekend, including a very special party for a two year old, who needed to take a little bit of Harriet and Ted back home with him, so I made these little stuffed dolls to remind him (they are only my second ever embroidery attempt so please don't look at them too hard!).

There was much excitement when it was realised the fairy outfits for this weekend could be tried out a week earlier than previously thought.

And before I go to bed, I have to share this with you all - Harriet is totally wonderful. She is a delight. It's as if someone flicked a 'grow up now' switch and suddenly she is empathetic, concerned, independent, thoughtful and helpful in ways I had never seen her be before now. It is a joy to be around her at the moment.

Ok, it's off to bed. After the party I'll have more time, I promise!


Zoe said...

2ND ATTEMPT AT EMBROIDERY!!! They are gorgeous and resemble Harriet and Ted beautifully...

jay said...

Cass, they are amazing and Ilo just adores them, thank you, we feel so honoured that amongst all the craziness of preparing for Harriet's birthday that you were able to craft for us. so lovely seeing you all. mwah.