Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here Comes the Sun...

Today was cold but sunny. SUNNY! So what did we do with it? Well, nothing really. We hung around at home, failed to complete the fairy wings, Teddy had a big sleep so I did some cleaning, mundane stuff like that. Oh I did manage to stop in at the op shop in the morning of course. *ahem*

After we picked up Harriet we came back home, I opened the back door for the first time in a long time for the afternoon play session and Harriet went running out yelling "Swing! Swing!" to which (of course) Ted starts crying, running after her and yelling "No! I want to go on the swing first!". Negotiations were put in place, swing turns were enforced and the children were (mostly) placated.

But who could blame them? It was cold, colder than I would have liked, but it was outside. And the lavender received an intimate visit from some bees which was great to see, and the mulberry tree next door, in all its behemoth glory, has started to sprout leaves and, is that the start of berry buds I spy? How exciting!

There's not much happening in our world of late that I can blog about. Quite a bit is going on in actuality, but it's not quite public-worthy yet. When your child can read your blog (and does) things start getting a little tricky...

Oh and see that little red book in Teddy's hand there? He is in LOVE with that book. I'm going to write up a book post soon, because he is having a book passion that knows no bounds (remember the four hour marathon reading session I had with Harriet in the library in Melbourne at the same age? You don't? I'll tell you now - I DO). But this little chunky cardboard book for some reason caught his eye. He also read his first word! He was holding a little yellow bus but it wasn't immediately identifiable as a bus. He said "Those words say bus right there" and pointed to the word bus (he calls letters words). I was so surprised I asked him to read out what each letter said and he read out "Bee, Uh, Ssss - bus Mama" and continued to push it around on the table. So cute!

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Lou said...

Yay for some proper sunshine! Though a little more heat to go with it would be nice, huh?! Love that lavendar photo, magic! The magnolia down the rd has started to blossom and the jasmin in the back lane has buds too. Bring it on I say!