Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Visitors, Guts, Cubbies and Sprinklers

Ted is currently right into cubbies. He sits on the lounge and says (well, yells, he is a toddler) "CUE-EH!". Translation: CUBBY! BUILD ME ONE NOW OH MATERNAL SLAVE!

Even when we were at the cafe the other morning he squidged his body through a little space between some chairs, hunkered down in there and yelled out "CUE-EH!". So obviously he gets the idea.

This morning he saw a sheet hanging on the line (believe me, washing the sheets is an arduous task which I undertake under much duress) and of course what was his first thought?

a.) My mother is a domestic goddess
b.) A cloud has fallen down and become entangled in our washing line
c.) Dinosaurs! Toast! Cat! Climb!

but we all know it was....
d.) CUE-EH!

Here he is heading off into the sheet, only to emerge a second later to exclaim BOH! (he's none too strong on the elongated vowel sounds).

This child has a gut and a half. After miss skinny ribs 'n' all this propensity to bulge does tend to surprise me occasionally.

This is such an attractive snap. For one we have underwear that has pirate skulls on it. DH bought it because they had no others, but we may have to upgrade to something a little less...well..stereotypical.

For two, Ted kept on shadowing me trying to look at the LCD display and yelling out "Show Teddy! Show Teddy!".

For three, I thrust the camera out, took the snap and hoped I got something approximating a profile shot.

Not a great shot but still...a great shot iykwim. :o)

Also it's worth noting that not long after this was taken he went for a visit to the toilet and emerged with a remarkably smaller belly. Hmmm....!

When Poe came over to play this afternoon, it was quite amusing. We more often than not go to their house rather than they come here. When Poe arrived Harriet was curled up on the lounge listening to a record (yes, actual vinyl!). Remember those little Disney books with the record in the back? We have a few of those that she enjoys listening to.

Anyway, she had to really work at getting into 'hostess' mode. She tried to start a few different games, and this was one that didn't work out. The teddy bears picnic. There was food, songs, plates, mat - all the accoutrements but just no vibe happening. Never fear, things started to finally flow and they went into normal Poe and Harry mode. I think it was sitting in the cupboard with a torch that broke the ice (and really, how could it not?).

There was a moment there, at about 4pm, when things looked a little hairy. There had been a tumble, a little angst and it was time to move the play to a different mode.

So despite the overcast day and mild chill, it was the perfect excuse to bring out the sprinkler for the first time this summer. There was running through, jumping over and more general dermatologically hydrating experiences.

Check out the t-shirt - from the op shop trip yesterday. It's Dangerfield, which makes me think the size 8 it tells me is probably a women's size and not a child's 8. Fits her nonetheless!

Oh and here are the videos I promised from the other night. The first one is of the madness and the second one is of us losing it especially when Harry was insisting on me filming her dolls instead of Ted - just too, to funny. Absurdity alert! (ps - "Con" from Ted means concert)

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neilly said...

you know, sometimes i think back to the day, you know the one. THE DAY when it was all about live bands, going out and being in the midst of it.

Videos like this remind me that the day was overrated and the NOW is so much more fun.

Rabbit in a hutchhhhhhhhhhhh....