Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Everyday

Well today, seriously was the epitome of our everyday. James was back at work today, so we remaining three just did our thing. Our everyday thing.

One of the things we do at least once a week is visit my local op shop. Unlike most people, my local op shop is freaking HUGE! It is on an old tip site and it this massive warehouse that has large furniture items, loads of clothes, books, and linen-type stuff (my favourite part).

Harriet hates going there. Wait, let me re-phrase that. Harriet hates going *anywhere*. She would quite happily refuse to leave the house ever. In fact that works in quite well with her wear-pyjamas-every-moment-of-every-day philosophy as well. I guess that wouldn't be too bad if she didn't insist on wearing the SAME freaking pyjamas all the time. Jenna's pyjamas. Oh how she loves them.

*sigh* Where was I?

Oh yes. The op shop. If you want to pop in and I'm not at home, just zip up the highway about two blocks to find me. I'll be the one holding up a 1950s tablecloth to a bright light and tut-tutting over the $12 price tag (it is a great op shop but not a cheap op shop).

Here Ted is sitting in the 'Narnia' wardrobe. It was a big ole thing and as soon as Harriet saw it she came racing to find me and exclaim "I found it! I found the Narnia wardrobe!". She asked me to stand outside while she went in and close the door (in case she didn't come back and I could find her I guess). Ted went in as well and soon there erupted a game of course. Where the children were knocking on the back of the wardrobe yelling out "NARNIA?" and then they'd fling open the door and see me and say "No Narnia!". Repeat x27

Today really was great in so many small, quiet ways that I really wouldn't have reflected on if not for this challenge. But one major one was that Harry and Ted just played together. A lot. And boy was it cute! Now that Ted is able to chat and express opinions (vehemently) and follow instructions (haphazardly) he is the perfect target for the five year old dictator known as Harriet Dora.

This was snapped at about 7.30am. Ted and I had been awake since 4.30am (zzzz) and by the time Harriet started hanging out with him he was bang up for a snuggle. So she laid out his little lounge, grabbed her blanket and they had a roll around in there. Oh my. The cute.

When Ted has his sleep, I move my butt into gear and make dinner for that night. Today I made lentil soup (which was devoured by both Harry and Ted for lunch as well, they would NOT keep out of it!). Harry, in keeping with her current play motif of birthday parties, asked for the 'play' flour (it's wheat flour so not for consumption). Here she's making a cake using salt, pepper, sultanas, flour, water and goodness knows what else. She loves kneading it, rolling it, shaping it. I do too - it's such fulfilling tactile play!

Then tonight I went to put Ted to bed at about 7.30. He was exhausted, but insisted that he wasn't and pulled the old 'poo' card. Of course as soon as he got up he didn't go anywhere near the toilet but just raced out to play with Harriet (who was herself brushing her teeth in preparation for bed). So instead of finding ourselves lulling two tired children to sleep, we found ourselves absolutely giggling like maniacs at a show the two of them put on. Oh my god I laughed so hard (and no it was AT them, and definitely not WITH them!).

I took a video which I'll upload to YouTube sometime soon. You know, in my free time and all.

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Selene said...

What a fantastic day! And I am jealous of that op shop!