Monday, January 03, 2011

Today was James' last day of being at home with us. BOO! Tomorrow he restarts his slaving away at work much to everyone's sadness. Since we didn't win 31million looks like he does have to return to work after all.

So we all went out to a cafe for breakfast with three other friends and their children at a local cafe where the whole upper floor is open for children to run around in. There are lounges and a table and two rooms full of children's toys. It can get pretty hairy in there, but it's so nice to not have to worry about where the children are running off to while you finish off your breakfast. Ted requested a lap meeting with Regan and she didn't seem to object too strongly.

Afterwards our little crew walked up King St to browse the shops and buy some calendula cream for Ted's nappy rash (actually it's just a massive ulcer right on the tip of his foreskin - *ouch*). Walked back and Ted was asleep in the carrier before we hit the car.

James made a big Indian feast of rice, pancake, freestyled Indian cabbage salad, curried potato and broccoli and raita. Yum! However the downside was that Harriet and Ted had decided to lose their minds while he cooked.

So when Harriet's party for 'no-one' (which included about eight stuffed animals) had to be moved indoors due to rain, the madness became a little claustrophobic. I'm not like the majority of you in here with large four bedroom homes in wide suburban streets. We're all in a small two bedroom terrace-style home in the inner city. And when that home is full of party I tell you, there's not much space for your sanity to roam.

Here you can see how Harry set up the party. She had previously engaged James in playing some party games - Balloon Bump and Races I believe. When Ted's desire to be involved could be no longer denied, she set up this 'children's play area mat' that you can see in the foreground. She brought in his car tracks, a range of reading books and a couple of stuffed toys. He was permitted to be part of the party as long as he stayed in his designated area.

The cute part about it was that he actually really enjoyed the space she set up for him and stayed there quite a while without causing too much of a hindrance. See notes for more palaver from me.


The Queen Bee said...

What an amazingly cool op shop. We've got an expensive one too but it's not even in the same league of cool. I LOVE the Narnia wardrobe. Might even have stood inside it myself. (P.S. I also have a child who would happily wear - and sometimes does - pyjamas all day.)

casso said...

Mel - she is still wearing this bloody pyjama top today. I think this is her third straight day AND NIGHT of wearing the damn thing. It is disgusting. :o)