Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Day of Cooking

Today we didn't do much really except get ready to have friends over for dinner tonight. Remarkably Ted was entertained by the other members of the house for the majority of the day whilst I cooked up the pumpkin pie and lasagne. He played trains with James and Harriet, lounged around reading some books, did some drawing, played with the campervan (a perennial favourite for all here) and generally had a great time.

But then he was distraught and needed a feed. So I laid down on the playroom cushions at his request and gave him a feed. While doing that I took a phone call from Lisa and when I got off from her I realised Ted was being unusually still (he normally writhes and kicks the whole time he's feeding. Oh the joy). I looked down and...lo and behold! He had fallen asleep!

Ok you know how people always show you photos of how cute it is that their child fell asleep in their highchair as they were still eating? Or they walked into the playroom and there they were, still clutching a doll and fast asleep on the floor? Well let me tell you people, this has NEVER happened to me. Until today. And I could. not. believe. it.

I would have posted the full length photo but it is of him spread eagled and stark naked so probably not best for the internet and his High Court judge career of the future. So instead I offer you this photo. A little less embarrassing, still involves nudity and same sex kissing. This should be able to create a mild tabloid furore in the future.


Regan said...

Awwwww so cute! Maybe they'll get married one day and then we'll be related! ;-)

Mandy said...

Yeah, sleeping babies never ever get old. Like, ever. And you're probably right about the nudie rudes on the internet not being a good idea.... Even though it's s shame x

Anonymous said...

So great to see the photos again- will be excited at work to know there are daily updates through Jan !! Wow at least something to look forward to at work..... ;-)
Love the photos with water- Harry laughing- Ted kissing !!!
xx Lis