Thursday, January 06, 2011

Tired Tonight

Oh man we had to get out of the freaking house today. It's been two days inside and I get cabin fever pretty quickly. Not too sure if it comes across but I'm a bit of an extrovert and love to get out and about in the world.

Harry wasn't too difficult to move out to the park this morning thank goodness. We went to Sydney Park, which has four slides, eight swings, massive sand/water areas, nature trail with sounds, climbing frame, cafe, you name it. Ted finally overcame his solo slide issues and went confidently down the middle sized slide. And he was rather chuffed about it all too.

Where's this photo taken? The toilet. Oh yes, it's all glamour and style over here in my world. Is it just me or does everyone else feel guilty for having children that have NO CONCEPT of trying to move quickly to help move a line along? Harry was slowly washing her hands, washing the sand off her doll, wandering around drying things off with a vacant expression on her face. Me? I'm starting to hyperventilate about how big the line must be by now, parents tapping their toes impatiently, children crying to do their wee NOW, that kind of thing.

Got out and there was no line. *sigh*

Feeling a little tired tonight, so I'm sorry to say there's no big nice story. I really want to write something fun because we had a lovely fun day. How lame is that? A lovely fun day - pfft, it's the kind of thing Bindi Irwin would say (I imagine, never having heard her speak before in my life, but she seems to be a walking vehicle for empty platitudes).

Going to an outing is a major event for Harriet. First she has to decide who to take. Bear is a perennial, but tonight also saw Baloo (his father who turned 29 the other day) and Funga (undetermined age) and Little Robinson get a trip out for dinner. Not only that but she also brought along a large bedtime stories hardcover book, two paperbacks and something else I can't remember. Harry could barely make it out of the back seat and in fact she fell over into the gutter because she couldn't hold on to anything to move out of the car.

During the rain some other little boys were having a fantastic time running in and out of it, enjoying the thrill of such an unexpected cold snap. My two however stayed put undercover until it ended and then...then they came into their own. Ted ran around waving his arms in the air yelling "AHHHHHHH ARRRRRRR" at a high volume whilst Harriet danced around throwing her dolls up in the air.

Twas a fun night.

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