Friday, January 07, 2011


Today was a Friday which means JB day for this family. I'm a member of a forum whereall of us 'hippy types' can hang out together and not feel like social pariahs. We can talk wholefoods, alternative education, homebirth and the like without thinking that we're weird. In fact I'm a pretty mainstream member because we send Harriet to a 'normal' school.

But on JB days it can vary. Because we're not a traditional mothers group borne out of a similar birth date of our children, there is a wide range of ages there. Sometimes there are children close to Harriet's age. Sometimes not. Sometimes she has children she likes there. Sometimes not. But most meets do require her to take a bit of time out somewhere along the line. She gets quite exhausted in large groups of children and needs to sit back a bit and decompress, assess, or just do nothing for a bit. This family has a deck with two, yes read it, TWO hammocks. Harriet *loves* the hammocks.

In fact check this out - she even loved them enough to smile. And let me take a photo of her doing said activity! Teddy was his normal hilarious, gorgeous self. Shirt off, wandering around checking out the ride in car, trying to eat the cheesecake, sitting down most carefully on the little footstool that was out there. Mostly he just makes everyone smile. We picked up a fantastic toddler dinosaur book from a friend today because he has started being very VERY excited by dinosaurs. Since Harry never cared less about them we had no dinosaur (or as Ted says "DY-NO!" with much enthusiasm and sometimes he has to jump into a standing position from sitting to convey just how exciting a DY-NO actually is) anything to pass on. Luckily though he received a totally adorable little plus dinosaur from Claire and Ola.

So when James came home from work tonight he was pounced upon by Ted yelling DY-NO and showing him the book. He loved to point out the Pteranodon and explaining how it can fly, and Tyrannosaurus Rex ("BIG!"). I think he might be one of those dinosaur children. I always wanted Harriet to like them but she never showed the slightest interest.

I got around to finally cutting my hair today. And speaking of hair we also finally managed to wash Harriet's. It's only been...oohh...two, maybe three weeks? Gross. As James said when she emerged - it looks almost two Pantone shades lighter.

Tomorrow is Sol's birthday party and I'm also doing a shoot in the afternoon, so hopefully there will be some lovely shots to share. Hope you're all enjoying the PAD. See you tomorrow!

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Kirsten said...

I'm not really sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I've been reading for a while now. I love hearing about your 2 gorgeous children and of course all the wonderful photos you take - very talented!

I'm loving the every day posts too!