Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Parties in August

Harry left me this note the other mornign when she went out to the shops with Papa. Apparently I would know it was from her because "Mama knows I do my 's'es like that". How cute! And that's her wonky way of drawing love hearts. *melt*

Check out the outfit Harry's wearing - completely acquired from others. The leggings are from Lisa for her birthday, the t-shirt was made by Lou for her birthday (an instant firm favourite too) and the headscarf was from Samantha for her birthday. A couple of weeks ago this outfit couldn't have existed! She was obviously performing So Long, Farewell for this photo, hence the hands. And the open mouth. Oh wait - the open mouth is just ALL. THE. TIME.

Happy birthday Ilo! The delicious Ilo turned one earlier this month and to celebrate Jay and Scott and Poe had to squeeze his party into their already packed August of hardcore partying. What a gorgeous warm late afternoon we had in their backyard. Harry was in seventh heaven with not one but TWO older girls to play with as well as Poe. Ted was in heaven because there was a tumbling compost bin. I was in heaven because there were loads of lovely people to talk to.

The highlight for Harriet? Just as we were leaving Scott threw a whole bag of ice across the bricks in their backyard for the children to play with. Seriously, you forget just how fantastic doing something like watching ice cubes smash against the ground can be. And how wonderful it is
to hear squeals of laughter as little toes go crunching through icy water. The perfect end to our weekend.


JennieMo said...

Lord...you guys are busy...and gorgeous as usual. Missing you tons!

Lou said...

Wow, you've been busy alright and busy blogging too!!
Love love love Harriets So Long farewell photo. (And so pleased she genuinely likes my t.shirt).