Monday, August 30, 2010

A Very Special Lisa Post

Every now and then you just now that you've done something right. And when we made up our wills last year we had to make a huge decision on who would be the guardian for Harriet and Ted. We decided on Lisa. And why? Well Lisa can:

* Come to a child's fifth birthday party and immediately speak the language of a five year old to all the children there and make them feel comfortable and happy

* Be able to spark up and keep the flames alight for the birthday cake when both parents had thrown their hands up in despair

* Know exactly what needs to be done without any discussion or explanation required

* Remember children she has met only at previous birthday parties and even remember their personalities and preferences

* Paint the most incredible painting of Harriet from one of my favorite photos of her

* Offer, not only to hold Ted, but to actually have him go to her and be so close to falling asleep on her that everyone stops to admire the miracle that such an event is (and consequently keep him awake but hey, that's understandable)

* Share in the energy and joy of Harriet's special day and really truly mean it when she says "This was a fantastic party Harry!"

* Wear green glasses without being asked and look fabulous in them

* Tell us how much she loved Harriet's cd and that she listened to it all the way home to Wollongong in her car (and be telling the truth!)

* Help do the boring stuff like carry things back to the car

* Be able to talk about 'adult' stuff and quick as a wink, without blinking an eye, turn all of that off when Harriet comes running up to her to share in something exciting

* Know that babies need stillness and quiet just as much as they need love and giggles and even when the right time for each is

Lisa, we wouldn't be able to hold the parties we do each year without you. We all love you!


Anonymous said...

oooooooooooooh you just made me cry at work !!!
Thank you so much- I was just about to hassle you for not updating the blog....I'm glad I waited ;-)
I love you guys too xxx
And yes I do love the show tunes Cd- especially the Jungle book numbers (Justine from play school gets skipped I'm afraid)
Can't wait to see all the photos !!
xxx Lis
Ps Harriet has cool friends, I love her parties :-)

JennieMo said...

This is fanatastic...and you know how I love a good theme party! What a great job!! I am so impresed. Sorry I am so emersed in the PhD that I could not help you and goodness forbid...forgotted Harriet't B-day. Must have been why Norman was cranky with me that day...and had rolled in freshly mown grass to make himself a lovely shade of green and brown. But then...I would have offered to make a sugar filled cake or gluten free dessert that would have me taken away by the nature police. HAHA!!!

P.S. Tell Harry that I Norm has finally shed his baby coat. He still has his mohawk ridge. And for Halloween...I am gonna spike it and dye it all sorts of colours. Veggie non-toxic off course. HAHA!!