Friday, September 03, 2010

Black and White Days

Today, when Ted was asleep, the decision was made to finally wash Chloe and Bear. I think Chloe used to be white, but she's been loved to within an inch of her admission to One Nation and the only memory of her former cultural imperialism is the white belly that pops out at you when her dress is removed.

Harry deliberated on a few different bathing containers and eventually conceded that my suggestion of sharing a bath with them was probably the easiest way to get them both clean. Oh my goodness, I tell you that bath water was *putrid* (hey when was the last time you wrote or said the word putrid? It feels so good, you should use it sometime today, trust me). When Harry stood up the water swirled a murky brown beneath her feet and as the plug was pulled a line of silt laid at the head of the tub. It seemed to be mocking me and my domestic duties. In fact I'm sure I saw Bear smirking at me as he left a trail of water from his dripping paw from the bathroom to the back door. Bear's a bit like that - a slightly dry, caustic wit and definitely smug. Too damn smug for a Bear so young if you ask me.

Did I mention that last weekend we had a photographer friend do a photoshoot for us? No? Well I'll tell you why. Harriet screamed for pretty much the entire shoot about how she refused to have her photo taken and how she hated having photoshoots and how the whole thing was just TERRIBLE and what wicked, evil parents we were to force her to endure something so terrible. *ahem* I can only tell you just how mortifying that was, especially when the said photographer is just incredible at her art. I seriously can't imagine that she was able to take any photos of Harriet with anything other than a hideous scowl on her face.

Teddy, on the other hand, in yet another example of the chalk and cheese relationship of these two, would grin with a full mouth of teeth and eyes full of sparkle whenever anyone so much as spoke his name. He has really changed this week. He looks different, walks differently, has even crawled a little and bum shuffled too! He is communicating heaps and last night played a cute little game when we were all sitting down having dinner (on the floor - we're not very formal people to start with and insert a toddler into that equation and...well... let's just say the Victorian etiquette guides would not be holding us up as models). James was at one end of the room and Ted would run (well, walk quickly) up to him, bang him on the shoulder, then run away again giggling wildly. Oh man, he's getting really sweet lately. The only time he's grizzly or upset is if he can't listen to music or some music somewhere stops.

We're looking into music lessons asap.

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