Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

Before I start this post I just have to bring your attention to this old video of Harriet having a baby. Gorgeous, yes? I can't believe how much she's grown! I remember this video so perfectly that I was able to find when it was taken straight away. Scary. And here she is attending fifth birthday parties...which segues perectly into the story of our weekend.

On Saturday we had Your Doll's third birthday. harriet had been planning it all week. There was cake with candles, games (jumping on the bed was a big one), guests, invitations that had been written up earlier in the week, and of course - presents! About three weeks ago Your Doll received her first birthday present - a little cane chair for her to sit on. In fact it turned out to fit Your Doll and Bear perfectly together and, considering what great friends they are, it was the perfect gift. There was another gift a couple of weeks ago that I can't recall just now and then the chocolate chip smelling bubble mixture - because apparently YD *loves* bubbles and they're perfect to have at the party. Even the porcelain dolls were invited (although they didn't get formal written invitations they could still come but "they're not her best friends"). The highlight for Ted was definitely the singing of Happy Birthday, his favourite song. In fact it was such a highlight we sang it again. And again!

Even more awesome and exciting than holding Your Doll's party on Saturday was the promise of a birthday party organised out of the house (ie: a *proper* party but far be it for me to suggest that). Not only that but it was for Harriet's best friend, Samantha. I had planned on making some sleeping bags for her dolls but Teddy's sleep patterns lately have left me a little worse for wear and without any solo adult time. Which has meant no sewing or photography stuff to be done at all around here. *sob*

So back to the party. Harriet wanted to choose something crafty for Sam because she loves making things and drawing things. So off to Monkey Puzzle we went - the best toy shop in Sydney in my humble opinion. And we found the perfect gift - a paper making kit! Harry was stoked, she thought this would be the perfect gift and was really excited.

When we arrived at the party (after a little difficulty actually getting her motivated to leave her game and get dressed - why is it that the inertia to move in the morning seems to be directly related to how potentially exciting the activity is going to be?) Harry had an awesome time running around after Sam's dad playing 'Angus Says' and 'Musical Bumps'. Teddy LOVED Musical Bumps - whent eh music was playing he went off, doing his little driving-the-bus dance (you know, arms out in front, hips swivelling). The adults had a great time also, demonstrating just how to play balloon races.

But parties can be exhausting too. Here is Harriet and her friend Rosie inside the hal while the others were outside. I overheard this lovely exchange -
"There's a five on the balloon right at the top"
"I know. It's because Samantha is five"
"I know, it's her fifth birthday party"
*continuing silence and legs swinging in the air*

But this photo made me think of wallflowers at a CWA dance hall in the 1950s. So delightful.

The biggest impact for Harriet from the whole day was, however, the Freddo frog she had at the start of the party. She unwrapped the chocolate and was amazed (seriously, totally amazed) to find that underneath the chocolate "was in the shape of an actual frog". She told me later that she was holding it very tightly because she didn't want it to jump out of her hands. And she delighted in telling me at what stage she was in the consumption process "Now the head - look, he's blind!" Now the chest, he can't breathe now!" etc. See, keep these things until later and they can delight for much longer!

Then, when she came home, there was elaborate party play. Harry made her own pinata from the paper roll and wrapped up lots of little toys inside it, then coloured it in green and hung it from the tree outside. She found a huge long wooden picket and asked me to hold Your Doll while Your Doll gave it a whack. Well one whack later and it was lying on the ground - YD is strong. Harriet also made a lolly bag (it's amazing - when she puts her mind to it she can actually be quite crafty with some sticky tape and paper) and a slide from a board angled against the back step.

Poor Ted. He's not gettingmuch of a look-in on these posts lately. Mainly that's due to him being on me constantly lately, so I have zippo photos of him. He has started solo walking a limited amount which is a relief. But his erratic (lack of) sleep is finding me getting by on about three hours sleep a night these last few weeks. Which is why the posts are pretty prosaic and staid. Sorry! Will try to be more erudite and creative in the future I dream of - a future where I get the chance to dream.

But Ted is still delightful - he is so into music. If there is any music anywhere (and I mean any music, there's no discerning ear here, he was bopping away to 'Time of My Life' today in Spotlight for example) he gets that little right leg jumping away, it's so very cute. He signs regularly for food and milk and sleep (believe it or not). He is fascinated by trucks and tractors and anything BIG really. And to tell you the truth there is heaps more to tell about the delightful little boy but I am so incredibly weary right now I can barely think straight so I think I'm going to head off for the lounge.

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