Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Being Five in 2010

This is what being five years of age in 2010 looks like. Uber cool. Harriet has taken to asking us to "Tell me a story about the olden days...when there were no webcams".

Ahh..yep. Way to feel old.

In other news luckily Ted is adorable - 1.5hrs sleep last night. James even stayed home from work today so I didn't spontaneously combust (apparently this happens if you don't get enough sleep). Ted's interesting tidbit for this post - when he goes to the toilet he has to roll out one square of toilet paper, tear it into little strips and stick it between his chubby thighs into the bowl. SO adorable.


Sif said...

Wow, can't believe they're turning five! Though your five year old (despite being a full day younger than my five year old) looks a lot more "all grown up" than my five year old. Looking at those long, long limbs, I'm guessing she'd be head and shoulders taller now!

Anonymous said...

Finally got a chance to read & catch up !! The photo's are amazing, the camera must be wonderful to have back in your hands Cas. Maybe you could add "Sleepy Time Tea" to all of Ted's food & beverages & consume bucket loads of it your self & just pass out ;-) Hope James is enjoying his day at home & you are sleeping !! xx Lis PS Harriet is a total hoot :-)