Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sleeping and Sickness

A very nothing day here. 'Twas hot, but that's usually no impediment to activity and excitement. But after a couple of weeks, really, of late afternoon shenanigans, evenings out and more exposure to salt water than has ever happened before, my little family hit the wall today.

Ted has, I think, been teething for the past couple of days. He was only awake for a little while today and when he was awake he was very uncharacteristically cranky. Cranky? My Ted? How can that be?

Then we had a brief visit fro a friend and her children. While they were here Harry was very out of sorts with sharing her toys with the little boy which was totally unexpected. Turns out when they left she started to burn up and spent TWO HOURS lying in the semi-dark listening to the audio book of Pippi Longstocking on cd in her room. She didn't even eat any of her dinner either. Wowzers.

So no stories, no excitement and not even a very good photo today. I only took a few because everyone was cranky and/or sick and/or sleepy. But the sleeping...well, they can't argue. And with some boobs like that, well, I really had to share. :o)

Oh and just remembered a cute story - Ted had just woken up when my friend was over. He went to the back door and banged on it. I gently explained to him "No, Ted, it's too hot to go outside". He then gently reminded me that he was toilet aware thank you very much and did the smallest little wee and looked up at me and banged on the door again. I laughed, opened the door and Ted did the rest of his wee on the grass. What control this boy has! Love it!

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