Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two in One

13th of January

Last night was super hot and Harry woke up a few times apparently. Ended up being quite tired today as well. When her friend came over for a playdate she ended up having a compeltel meltdown that he came in and immediately started playing with her LP. The LP are nearly always engaged in some in-depth, intense and neverending narrative. One of the reasons for moving around the house recently was so that she could continue with her games and we wouldn't have to move them to eat dinner. Has been working a treat so far, but it's almost like she's claiming intense ownership now and gets a little crazy when they are moved or touched.

Anyway, that all aside, Harriet found her happy place again and came back out from her bedroom after a self-imposed hiatus to play happily. The afternoon was spent in some quiet play to try and encourage her to relax some more. I asked her to go outside for a PAD shot becaue I had nothing whatsoever and this is what I got. I don't normally ask her outright for photos but today I was getting a little desperate.

Oh and I wonder if I started yelling at Ted "CRAWL! Goddamn you boy and for the love of god, CRAWL!", do you think that might help? because my back is aching and I can't do a damn thing all day because this deliciously sweet and huge baby needs me to walk him around *everywhere*. Self-mobilising babies are such a novelty to this household that James has declared he doesn't believe babies crawl at all, it's a big global conspiracy. A conspiracy just to make us feel frustrated I guess.


14th of January

Sorry about not posting last night. Ted was awake and playing until about 10pm so I didn't get any computer time. But that means you get to read two days of posts in one. Yay! Yesterday's post is above, I just didn't get a chance to post it on the blog as well as on Flickr.

Today the majority of the day was spent at the house of Harriet's friend from preschool. I don't know if he and Harriet actually played together much, although there was sporadic occurences of rainbow ball storms, rockets taking off (and subsequent moon landings), bridge construction over rivers, and much, much, much straw rain. In fact there was so much straw rain that it also looked as though there was much straw grass growing on the floorboards towards the end of our visit there.

But while the children parallel played, the two mothers chatted up a storm. See, like it or not, methinks poor Dexter and Harriet are going to be spending a lot of time together over the next few years because Lou and I get on really well. In fact we should start discussing dowries now, because it would make the adults all very happy and really, it's all about us isn't it? Luckily I've already got a photo of them naked together for that 21st slidehow.

But one thing I am so envious of at their house are these gorgeous chiffon-y curtains along the back doors. When Dexter pulled them along the length of the windows I didn't think I could pull my camera out fast enough. Harry loved playing in them but unfortunately was playing in the one which had the least photogenic aesthetic. Oh well, I can try again when we're over there for a 'playdate'....because it's all about 'the children' of course...*snigger snigger*.

Oh and Lou reads the blog too so - *waves*. Hi Lou!

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Sif said...

Ari didn't crawl. He CAN crawl - we found out one day in the bedroom when he discovered that crawling was easier to do on the carpeted floor than scooting on his bum - basically, he sat, he scooted, he walked..,