Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ted and the Peas

We're doing baby-led solids with Ted. Funny thing is he's not at all interested in solids. Sure, he'll grab your fork out of your cold, dead hands with nary a sympathetic backwards glance at your surprised face. But it seems that cutlery is his favourite first food and the foodstuffs that it can pierce merely decoration.

But the other night we were having an impromptu picnic dinner (as you do) and on our plates there were peas. Ted (as usual) leant forward and grabbed my fork. Then after I started up with my second fork (yes I now always have a second fork at meals) he lunged for the plate itself. And in a surprising move, Ted actually lunged for food. And grabbed it. And....*drumroll please*...ATE IT!.

Well, he put it in his mouth, pulled that funny face babies do when they eat anything and then swallowed it. After we all recovered our composure, James popped a few peas on the side of his plate and let Ted go for it. We think he might have eaten about three or four of them!

So today, after a horrific night (*more below), I thought I might see if he'd like to play with some peas. I didn't really think he'd eat them. And Harriet ended up finishing off the packet of peas (she liked hers frozen). But somewhere along there Ted ate about five peas from his little white ceramic eggcup full of little green balls of yumminess.

So it looks as though we may be on the road with food. He's still not sure though (as you can see). And it's not like he's about to give up breastmilk - I took a photo of his rolls of fat and man boobs, but decided against posting it. I am supposed to be his caring mother after all. MWahahah!

* Last night was Ted's first 'bad' night. I was still awake at 3am with him when I totally snapped and stormed out of the house. Jumped into the car and turned out there was no petrol. Of course there freaking wasn't. *sigh* Went to go down the street to the petrol station and it was all blocked off with police cars everywhere, police tape around a huge area and action stations galore. Drove about two minutes down the road and there was another huge accident scene. Turns out I was driving through this. Exciting times!

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