Friday, January 08, 2010

Sans Clothes

One of the bigger impediments I face in this daily challenge is nudity. Teddy, when at home, is always nappy-free because he takes himself off to do a wee and a poo, so if I had a nappy on him I'd have to wash it, whereas keeping him naked means I'm down one nappy to wash. Woot! No-brainer. Gotta love a baby that supports my dislike of the washing machine.

Harriet is also nearly perpetually naked. She has no problem with wearing clothes, it's just that when we get home from being out she invariably just leaves her skirt/short/dress/undies on the floor of the toilet when we get back in. And then of course she will want to take off a shirt in case it gets stained by cherry/mango/insert any summer fruit here juice.

So late this afternoon when I realised I had one tiny streak of sunlight in one far corner of our little backyard, I had to perform some acrobatic camera work to make the photos decent enough for public perusal.

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clair said...

lol...charlee spends most mornings naked as well. She sill has a pull up on most nights so when she wakes up she takes it off, then usually takes off her top as well and so i'll come out and she'll be sitting on the couch eating breakfast (provided by Koby) totally starkers. he he