Sunday, January 10, 2010

Neilsen Park Birthday

We were at a friend's son's first birthday party today. It was down at Nielsen Park and if anyone here knows Sydney, they probably know it as the park-without-(car)parks. We only had to do one major circle and then only walk for about ten minutes this time, which was a small miracle.

The mother's family were over from the UK and she asked if I could take their photo and I said sure. I then asked Harriet to act as my light meter and a friend came over to say "Are you using your child as a grey card?". Hey, what's wrong with that?! They've got to pay for their keep some way.

We were there for such a long day - from about 12.30 to 5.30 and I even managed to get a mini swim in. The water was incredible, so refreshing and cool. I think it was hot everywhere else in Sydney but today we were cool under the magnificent spread of these Moreton Bay Figs.

There were people galore around everywhere and quite frankly they were distracting me. So *poof* they're gone. Bless you, clone tool.

And for anyone who thinks that I have it easy taking photos of Harriet (and my family generally), I present for you Exhibit A. These two were determined to not have any photos taken of them. Don't they know I have a Challenge to uphold?!

When we finally got back home Ted was sooo ready for bed, but he was also really happy to be home. So he toddled around for a little while (with us holding his hands of course!) and eventually he started to rub his eyes, look adorable and be ready for sleep. It's a lot easier to get the baby of this house into bed rather than the big sister.


Anonymous said...

oooh I want to squeeze Ted !!!!! What a gorgeous shot of him, & I love Harry & Jimbo's non compliance ;-)
x Lis

Jimbo said...

To set the record straight, that non-compliance was a joke. Cass had taken a number of photos of the two of us on that rock (including one that I thought was pretty good). Harry was over it and said "no more photos Mama", so I thought I'd get her to do the hand thing for a funny shot.

I had no idea that would be the one that Cass would choose!