Friday, January 22, 2010

Last Post East-Side

We're heaidng off to Perth tomorrow first thing in the morning, so I won't be able to update daily with the photos since I won't have PPing capabilities. I am still thinking of blogging each day though, just minus the visual stimulation. I can then go back in and add the photos later.

Ted has just started to be of the age which is interesting (and annoying) for Harriet). He wants to watch and be involved with everythign she does and says. When she walks into the room upon waking, he gets so excited he flails around his arms and legs like a whirling dervish.

This photo was snapped late tonight when we were in the middle of packing for Perth. Ted loves the guitar and makes a beeline for it if he is walking in the bedroom (normally I pick him up and carry him to the hallway). Harry of course loves the microphone (despite it a Christmas present being for Ted). It was my own little band in the playroom. Sibling moments really make the heart ache in a special way.

It's so cute. When he comes stomping down the hallway the first place he leads me to is the bathroom. He starts banging on the side of the bath and reaches for the taps with the intention of turning them on (or perhaps just using Jedi mind tricks to make water start flowing). When I have to say to him "No bath now Teddy, bath later" he starts up with this strange sound from his throat. I think it's called 'crying' but it happens so infrequently that I'm not too sure if that is what it is.

This is the face I saw peeking out at me when he had a cooling down bath today. It was pretty hot, we had to go and drop off the car to get the mirror repaired. Oh what joy that was - standing out on a highway for half an hour in the heat after Harriet decided she wanted to get out of Officeworks.

But anyway, this is my delicious butterball enjoying his inch of water. He's laughing at me peeking down behind the side of the bath.

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JennieMo said...

What...what ...what...Harriet not wanting to stay in Officeworks? LOL!! Goodness me...does she not understand the fine points of stationary obssession and pen envy. LOL!! goodness is your little chubby bubba deliciously edible with that smile from the tub. Lovely! Have a great time on the West Coast!