Thursday, January 21, 2010

How Ignoble!

A few little errands to be run today before we fly out to Perth for a week on Saturday. One of those errands was to go and buy the poor cats their food from the vet's. I like going there because I get to weigh Teddy. Sure, it's not the most noble of locations, but hey it gets the job done.

Also got my multivitamins which may have been contributing to my crankiness this week. And hooray! Finally picked up the Lauren Child version of Pippi Longstocking for Harriet. She already knows the whole book by heart thanks to the audio cds we borrowed from a friend, so it was a wonderful afternoon of snuggling up on the lounge reading Pippi (who is total anarchy! the girl is madness, i LOVE her!).

We've arranged for someone to come and housesit for us while we're gone. It's more hassle though, because I've just realised I have to clean the house for them, and write out a list of stuff, and a map to the local shop, etc. Bugger!

ps - 11.8kgs if you were wondering

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Anonymous said...

This is a bizare & gorgeous shot Cas !! Hope you guys are havin fun West Side !
xx Lis