Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Whole Heap at Once

20th of January
Some days you realise you are not a particularly great parent. I snapped at Harriet, probably twice actually, and felt flustered and worn out all day. We were out in the sun and Harry was just in one of her non stop rambling, talking, not-listening-to-a-word moods and it just felt like hard work today.

She's still up (it's 10pm). Standing up next to me, whispering secret ideas for presents and where to hide the treasures for her treasure map. She's totally adorable and I feel terrible for telling her sharply to "For the last time, put those shoes on Harriet so we can get ready to get out".

And then we found a perfect butterfly down the side of the house. Dead. And perfect.

19th of January
We met up with friends today at a cafe in Petersham. There is a little op shop around the corner that I had been eyeing off for years and just never had a chance to go close to. It looks all old and busted up on the outside but inside it's all clean and shiny and so well kept. I scored big time - some gorgeous pillowcases (to make the pillowcase dress from the SouleMama book, I'll post photos when I get around to making it of course), a dress for me, a dress for Harriet (which I LOVE), tshirt for Ted, a nice big blue casserole dish, just generally a nice big op shop haul.

The funny thing was that Harry found this Chinese hat and fell in love. She wore it all day and it was a lucky thing too since we didn't have her sunhat with us (oops, bad Mama moment).

18th of January
So I freaked out totally yesterday. I woke up with my heart beating hard against my chest and had so muhc frenetic, nervous, anxious energy I didn't know what to do with myself. I did about seven loads of washing that needed to be done - oh the joys of being sick for one day. What's that you say? There's another person in the house? Oh but apprently I do the washing so often that he doesn't know what to do or something...he mumbled it too low and too quickly and with too much overt shame to really hear it. And so he should. Mumble away washing shirker!

But here's Harriet, resplendent again in all of her naked glory! She's eating a nectarine and that would have to be about her fifth one that day. No joke (and really truly, you know I wouldn't lie to you internet) this girl eats a kilo of stone fruit a day. These organic nectarines were HUGE so at least there were fewer pips to find dotted around the playroom.
17th of January

I'm running desperately behind on my PAD challenge, but given I had such a mind melt / nervous breakdown yesterday I think it was fair to have a little break.

This however is from Sunday, the day of the shoot. 'Twas a bit nervewracking because it was going to be the first time I left Ted with James for a couple of hours. My poor baby! Turns out they had a great time while I was at the shoot, with Ted wanting to jump into the water and drown himself at a nearby river, which consequently exhausted him and so he slept for about an hour. Woohoo!

After the shoot we came home so he could have a proper sleep and then headed out to the 'Family Fun' pool as Harriet calls it. The Homebush pool where the Olympics were held has this awesome bg children's play thing. I think I'd want to go there even if I didn't have children actually. I was supposed to have some special Harriet and Mama time, but Ted ended up falling asleep on me for ages and we had to leave. Poor little bub was just exhausted I think. So I came home, rated and proofed a few from the session and as everyone knows sent them off to hear nary a word. And no, 48hrs later and still nothing. *sigh* :o(

Took this so late in the evening - we had come back from the pool and Harry was wandering around half dressed as usual. I was so lucky that day - turns out that my 2GB card that I use as a last resort broke! I took some shots on it for PAD but they won't upload adn the camera can't read the card either. Luckily I didn't take it out at the shoot, phew!

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