Monday, February 15, 2010

Exorcist Required

So yes, this blog went from daily updates to a standstill. We went to Perth and then returned to find that the Harriet we had taken with us to Perth had been replaced. Well, possessed is more like it. She has been possessed by a demon that refuses to sleep - and if it does sleep, it must be on Perth time.

The evenings have lately been spent trying to slowly, gently transition Harriet back into sleeping on Sydney time. But this is a child that knows her own mind. And for those of you brave enough to click on the video, you'll hear her telling us just after we've turned off the light in her *midnight* mind you. She then proceeded to get even more hysterical than you hear here (if you can even believe that sort of emotional irrationality possible).

So yes, sorry about the lack of posts but the night has become less than the tranquil space one might want for writing loving, interesting details about your delightful child. The funny thing is that she actually *is* being a wonderful, sweet and interesting child during the day. She has started back at school and is now in Transition (definitely NOT preschool - well, it is upstairs and all).

And finally, hallelujah FINALLY, she acquiesced to having her hair cut. As beautiful as it was, her screams and death howls every time the hairbrush was brought out weren't really that much fun. So I got a chance as she emerged from the bath one evening and I chopped quickly (and with barely concealed glee I have to add). It looks really cute and she still has the curly/wavy bits around her face too. I think those are here to stay.

And what of my other child? The little fatty fat sweetpea who is turning one on the weekend? Yes that's right people - ONE! Well he is just deliciously all over the one and only Ted. He giggles and laughs and leads us all around on a merry dance whilst holding his hands (he has progressed to just holding one hand but when he wants to go fast he needs both hands to be held - and he wants to go fast often). In the past few days I have been told by about four separate people that if I stopped holding his hands, then he'd just have to learn to walk by himself. I'll tell you now - if I let him wait until he walked solo, he'd be the size of an Oompah Loompah and walking would be about twice as difficult. And it's so delightful to see where he wants to go and what he wants to look at. His latest love is hearing a plane in the distance. He gets all excited and squeezes his fists at me, which is his sign for "Walk me, now!". So we rush off to the back door just in time to see a plane fly across the sky. Ted watches it seriously and then as it disappears he returns to his previous activity. He also loves fans, lights and shadows. He is wonderful at communicating when he's tired too, which also means that when he's tired there isn't much chance to delay it; he needs to sleep then and there!

So we started at sleep and end on sleep, but two very different approaches to it. I'm (read: James) also starting to work on getting my blog ready for my photography business, so feel free to wander over and have a peek at There's nothing there at the moment, but we'll be making it all yummy over the next month. If you'd like to comment feel free either here or there or send me an email. Goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

Yay your back !! Classic Blog...and yes she does sound demon-ish and the very quaint explanation for "knowing her own mind" you get in person, is also very cute !! Teddy's fat legs are edible ;-)
xx Lis