Monday, September 14, 2009


Well tonight Teddy quite visibly started nodding. I was asking him if he'd like to do more bouncing on my knee at the dinner table and he nodded! Harry started cracking up laughing and I asked him again and he did it again. Then when I asked him a third time he didn't nod and that was because he didn't want more bouncing - der. So this should make life a bit easier for him.

He is such a sweet, gorgeous baby. Have I mentioned that before? He has started to lean out just a bit in the last few days (and yes it is a leaning out that only a parent could notice, but he's a tad leaner, believe me). He seems to have a third tooth coming up now on the left of the bottom front two he popped whilst in Canberra the other weekend.

Harriet teethed early as well and poor little thing would scream and scream about it. Ted has had a little bit of grizzling and that's it. He just doesn't scream like Harry did. Harriet used to need me to stare at her to go to sleep when she was a baby - it freaked me out because all 'the books' (blergh) would say that you needed to avert your gaze so that they would calm down and start to succumb to sleep. Not Harriet. She would need to make sure I was staring at her and then she'd start to have droopy eyelids and relax some more towards sleeping. On Saturday I took this photo of Ted lying on Harriet's bed having an afternoon siesta. It reminded me so much of a photo of Harriet we have in a frame that we all got the photo albums of Harriet down and flicked through them. Wow they look so alike! I would never have thought it if I hadn't looked through the photos to tell you the truth. That's Harriet at about the same age on the left in that storyboard and Ted on the right. Unfortunately the photo I really see the similarity in is a film one and we don't have a scanner so I can't show you on here.

The weekend was really warm over here in Sydney. Poor Harriet really is sensitive to the heat - it's the Pride in her, that's for sure. She gets overheated on days where I need a cardigan. So when we got back from the markets on Sunday we decided it was time for an outdoor bath. Harriet has taken to hysterical, loud laughs lately (something acquired from preschool no doubt, gee thanks) and you can see in this photo that Ted is a little put off by them. How hilarious is his expression?! And speaking of hilarious, that's Harriet's latest favourite word. We have also heard the odd little word from her that's unexpected - for example the other night we were talking about the silkworms she acquired from playgroup (this *awesome* playgroup we go to on Thursdays, it is so great that I've been telling all of my friends about it but no-one's come along yet. My powers of persuasion need some work methinks). So anyway, Harry and I are talking about the silkworms and she said "I just think these are very contented silkworms". Classic! Who would ever have thought to describe silkworms as contented?

Today was my monthly op-shop experience. I had gone specifically to buy some baby/toddler books for Ted becaue we gave all of Harriet's away. I found heaps and heaps of them and the great thing is I don't need to worry about spending the money because I was able to buy a mini-library for about $24. One of the books just had to be bought - sweet illustrations, gentle story...and a lead character called Teddy! Hooray! I can't find it online to show you the book, but I'll try to get a shot of it being enthusiastically gnawed on (I mean read by) Teddy himself.

In other incredible news, Harriet drew something other than a person! We're all still reeling from shock. In fact I found the piece of paper in her school bag and asked her who had drawn the picture for her (sometimes her friend Samantha draws something for her and Harriet writes her own name on there so it ends up in her bag at the end of the day). Turns out Harriet had drawn it - three flowers and some green grass on the ground. *shock* I haven't had a chance to photograph it yet, but will do so never fear.


Anonymous said...

I think I see Harry in Ted but I think he looks more like James & her more like you Cas, he has the most beautiful eyes !!!
I'm glad Harriet's art skills are coming along nicely ;-)
I love the bath shot, Ted's expression is hilarious !!!!!

JennieMo said...

I agree the bath shot of Ted is hysterical. He has that look of like...dude...I am trying to spash here. HAHA!! Love it! Tell Harriet we have another goat kid...Jenna. She has a home...she just comes for babysitting during the week. LOL!!