Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Lightning Fast Post

I'm about to go and sit down to do nothing for the first time for the last few days. I went to the homebirth rally in Canberra with Ted and had a grand ole time!

But I had to come on here quickly to let you all know that on the Thursday before I left Teddy cracked the gum on his first tooth...and then while we were in Canberra, he cracked his second one! What a sweetheart, teething more than one tooth at a time is very considerate. He did little more than grizzle a bit during the day and when going down at night. Other than that he has been a delightful cherub as always. You can see both of them poking through the gum in this first photo - you might have to enlarge it though (just double-click all luddites out there).

He has also started to give me 'kisses'. I say "Teddy kiss Mama?" and he grabs the sides of my face, pulls me in and with his wide open mouth leaves a trail of drool down one cheek. Ahhhhh...

He grabs at things, watches us eat with great interest, holds on to stuff and examines it very carefully before shoving it into his mouth with a delicate touch and is totally gorgeous. He also did a mammoth vomit all over me in the supermarket as I was waiting for my receipt this afternoon (while Harry was asking insistently for her bananas over and over and over again.. *sigh*). Was all good, I poked his head out of the Ergo just in time and it mostly went all over the floor and onto his shoulder. I remained untouched. Hooray!

Ok James is tapping his foot so I better go.


Melissa said...

He looks like Harriet! I can't believe how smoochable he is.

Sounds like a wonderful, placid boy. I'm so happy for you.

JennieMo said...

LOL!! I love Teddy's dad used to sing to us when we would not eat our peas....the hippy song....All we are give peas a chance. LOL!!
Love the pictures per the usual!