Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wearing Babies

If you look closely, you'll see that there is a little baby head peeking out from between the two blue straps over the front of my chest in that photo. After having him in the pouch sling kindly leant to us from Jay for a week, he has now decided that the Hug a Bub is the coolest thing and refuses to be in any other carrier now. It's so cute - he has a carrier preference already!

We watched the instructional DVD on my computer and after watching it, Harriet was determined to make her own "in case there are women who want to watch that one but can't find it. Then they can use my one". Not too sure just how helpful it would be, but she gave it a good go as you can watch. James is convinced she's going to be a film director - she loves to set things up and then film them or create the story that goes along with the scenario she's set up. She also enjoys saying "Can we make up a story about it?" in regards to...well, just about anything really. Show her a new toy and she wants to make up a story about it and how it found its way to her. Find a dead beetle in the backyard? Harriet is eager to make up a story about it and its life. She's definitely a storyteller!

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