Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hanging out at Home

Teddy looks so small in all of these photos! He has actually grown a bit lately. His little suit from Rebecca (which is a perfect weight for the weather at the moment, it's in the b&w photo below) used to be much baggier and now it fits him like a proper suit would. Yay! He is still wonderful - basically he cries when he's doing a poo, doing a wee or trying to get down to sleep. Other than that? Well he either sleeps or gazes out intently at everything with deliciously big eyes.

Having James at home has been great for the past couple of weeks. Teddy and I have been able to get up when we want rather than me having to rouse him when it's time for James to leave. Teddy sleeps so deeply that he can stay soundly in slumber whilst *right next to him* Harriet screams blue murder about something or other not meeting the exacting standards of a three and a haf year old. However if I try to move from the bed...well, then he can wake in a flash. He also makes the most hilarious noises when he's asleep or stretching - they sound like a duck trying to quack inside a moist plastic bag. They can be pretty longwinded too - I really do have to get a video of them.

I'm just posting this photo because I think you can get a glimpse of what he's going to look like when he's older - the heart shaped face is a little like Harriet's and more than one person has commented on how similar their mouths are. Yesterday I walked about 400m from our favourite local restaurant to the supermarket and Teddy, Harriet and I got stopped twice. Everyone exclaims at how tiny he is, especially when he's in the hug a bub he looks like this tiny little munchkin skull peeking out between my breasts. Harriet loves to inform people with great authority, "He's my baby brother and he came out too early. The placenta was coming away. His nickname is Teddy but his full name is Edward Stanley R***. Now he's home with us and I'm the big sister".

On that whole having-a-baby thing. The other morning James was talking to Harry about how babies get inside mothers. She already knows but we hadn't talked about the details in a while so she needed a refresher obviously. Anyway, the inevitable topic arose. "So is that what you did with Mama?". HAHAHA!! James replied yes, and Harriet said "But I didn't see it. When did this happen?". Errrmmm...needless to say this particularly sticky situation was not really top of James's list of pre-coffee ideas for the morning.

The blanket over the head look was from the other day when she had both of us engaged in some great game about dying. You needed to have a blanket over your head in order to be safe from being killed and then dying. So Papa and Mama and Harriet all had blankets over our heads. Then there was something to do with water squirters...and we were all in Magicland of course, where all good blanket wearing saves the soul.

This outfit is courtesy of Mars. Harriet has a helmet on to protect her head from space dust, a hat to keep her head warm, glasses to ensure her eyes are kept safe and a little toy screwdriver in her hand to 'chip' rocks with. She and I go down the side of the house (which is Mars) after blasting off from Earth in the rocket (aka the lounge in the playroom) dressed in our appropriate outfits. We then scour the planet for rocks and plants of interest. Harriet will chip the rocks and collate them in her collection bag, whilst I...well, I just go along for the ride and to be told what to do. One of the fun asides of going to Mars is finding out that the rocks can also be used as chalk - Harriet then marks her territory in proper imperialistic manner by writing her name on the ground ("So that everyone knows that I was here on Mars you see Mama").

Oh and for some reason my photos are coming up looking very wan on blogger. No idea why, I'm saving them in the same colour profile (sRGB). Anyone have any ideas?

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JennieMo said...

He is gorgeous and Harry never fails to facinate me with her very active and vivid imagination! :)