Saturday, March 14, 2009


Well we are very belatedly here to announce that the Tedmeister is HOME! We're so ecstatic, he confounded everyone's expectations and had completed all of his sucking feeds within the very first 48hrs that he tried them (basically all babies have to have been putting on weight over 48hrs when they only have breastmilk through either a bottle or straight from the breast - premmie babies often get too tired by the end to go home). But Teddy passed with flying colours, putting on a whopping 60gms over the 48hrs. I even had the supervising nurse (who I had met with to make a complaint the previous week) come over to me to apologise and say that he had been wrong; Teddy really *was* deserving of special attention. :o)

So he came home on Wednesday morning and we have been running around picking up things for him here and there, but mostly we've just been gazing at him as he sleeps peacefully in the sling or sucks furiously at the breast. Yep, he's a hard boy to please. ;o) Please don't be upset if you have only just found out - we seriously sent out an sms to a few family members and that's it, and just completely forgot to let everyone else know. Yes we are hopeless!

Here is a photo that we took on the first day back home with all of us. Remember that I've just had a baby and we'd all just been through a harrowing couple of weeks, so we're hardly looking our glamour-model best. But boy are we happy!
We hope to catch up with everyone soon and show off Teddy to all and sundry. He is pretty gorgeous after all.


Spiralmumma said...

Lovely :) Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

How Wonderful! home in your arms at last, so good to hear he is doing so well.

veri maz said...

aw, it brings a tear & a smile to me. Your smiles say it all, congrats he is doing so well.
And then there were 4

Melissa said...

That photo is just precious, your joy just radiates, even on screen.

Congratulations on your son. I'm so thrilled he's home with his family, a very lucky boy indeed, to be so blessed.